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Marriott's Signature Brand Continues Expansion in Latin America With Plans For First Hotel in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador – 16 September 2014 - Marriott International’s signature brand, Marriott Hotels, announced plans to open the 202-room Marriott Hotel in Guayaquil in 2016, The Guayaquil Marriott will be the company’s third property in Ecuador and is being developed by Hotecapsa, overseen by Mr. 352 more words


Whale of a time in Ecuador

23rd August 2014 to 31st August 2014. Guayaquil, Puerto López, Isla de la Plata, and Quito; Ecuador.

Ecuador Fast Facts:

Population: 15.5 million. Guayaquil (2.7 million) and Quito, the capital, (2.3 million) are the largest cities by far. 859 more words


Contecon Plans to Invest $280 Million in the Port of Guayaquil (Ecuador)

The Contecon concessionaire, manager of Seaport Guayaquil since August 2007, announced this Wednesday an investment of over $280 Million in infrastructure and procurement of equipment by the end of this year and 10% reduction in the cost of services to exporters. 221 more words


Try and failing to become fluent in Spanish

Baños > Guayaquil > Montanita > Puerto Lopez > Cuenca

Miles travelled: 541 (Total – 8290)

Leaving Baños we discovered that it was not possible to get all the way to Montanita in one day and that a stopover in Guayaquil was required. 1,167 more words


¿Superlunas apocalípticas?

Amados Hermanos y Amigos, los saludo en el nombre precioso de Jesucristo, nuestro Salvador, Señor y Maestro.

Hoy martes 9 de septiembre se pudo admirar la tercera superluna del año 2014. 544 more words


Guayaquil, Latin America’s New Hidden City!

Known mainly for its prehistoric inhabitants, the Galapagos Islands located off the coast of Ecuador has always overshadowed its bustling port-of-call, the City of Guayaquil.  To attract some of the 450,000 annual tourist that bypass the city on their way to the Galapagos Islands, Guayaquil’s long term Mayor, Jaime Nebot, has been busy rebuilding his city hoping to convince some of these visitors to stay a night or two longer.  793 more words


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I found this informative and positive post about Guayaquil which is quite refreshing. In this article, Mr. Tom Kadala (www.researchpays.wordpress.com ) touch on the fundamental reasons why Guayaquil is a 'hidden treasure' for investors and highlights the key drivers that will soon make this former sleepy town on the west coast of South America into an extension of New York City. Guayaquil, Perla del Pacific – (Pearl from the Pacific Ocean) –due to its privileged location on the Pacific coast facilities all trades and businesses; also it is an strategic hub for the global economy of Ecuador, Latin America, EU and USA. I agree that Guayaquil has good potential, and it is going towards a modest business friendly environment. It is easy to fly in and out of Guayaquil airport and airport procedures and security is much better in Ecuador. The biggest limiter for Ecuador is its size, but the best things are: the geographic location, and its industrious, entrepreneurial, courageous, and determined people. I believe Ecuador is becoming one of the most important and successful countries in all of South America over the next five years. Thanks Tom Kadala for you insight view on Guayaquil!

Zapotillo - Guayaquil - Quito non stop [300113] (3/5)

LA NOCHE SE MUERE“, Los Suaves, ¿Hay alguien ahí? , 1995 (Directo)

Cuando hay algo que se gana

siempre hay algo que perder… 986 more words