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A Guest's Experience (Part Two)

It is known that a person will decide if they will ever return again with in the first two minutes of trying out a new restaurant. 424 more words


It's Not Personal, It's Just Business

Quite simply, here’s the problem with  “It’s not personal, it’s just business”: if there isn’t someone who is taking it personally, there’s no need for the statement in the first place.    

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Excellence is Overrated

For years I was trained to believe that excellence is king. Excellence is in the details. I even prided myself for being a leader of excellence. 365 more words


Understanding How Your Guest's Expectations are Raised - or Dashed - in that Moment of First Impression

If we cannot define what we are doing, how in the world can we accomplish it?     – Scott McKain, 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

What do you expect when you pull into the parking lot of a store for your weekly grocery shopping?

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Guest Experience

Vanderbilt University Medical Center: An Inside-Out Journey to Exceptional Patient Care

As told here, the exceptional guest services I recently encountered in a hospital Emergency Department at 1 AM in the morning were not normal… 1,297 more words

Guest Experience

Exceeding Expectations at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Of all the places to encounter exceptional Guest Experiences, the last place I expected to find them was in the Emergency Department of a hospital at 1 AM in the morning. 652 more words

Guest Experience

A Guest's Experience (Part One)

Have you ever gone in for a handshake and you get the early grab or the loose fish handshake? Either scenario is awkward. Once I was visiting a new church and they had a “new guests room” set up where they meet first time guests, answer questions and try and get them plugged in to the church. 722 more words