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Excellence is Overrated

For years I was trained to believe that excellence is king. Excellence is in the details. I even prided myself for being a leader of excellence. 365 more words


Understanding How Your Guest's Expectations are Raised - or Dashed - in that Moment of First Impression

If we cannot define what we are doing, how in the world can we accomplish it?     – Scott McKain, 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

What do you expect when you pull into the parking lot of a store for your weekly grocery shopping?

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Guest Experience

Vanderbilt University Medical Center: An Inside-Out Journey to Exceptional Patient Care

As told here, the exceptional guest services I recently encountered in a hospital Emergency Department at 1 AM in the morning were not normal… 1,297 more words

Guest Experience

Exceeding Expectations at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Of all the places to encounter exceptional Guest Experiences, the last place I expected to find them was in the Emergency Department of a hospital at 1 AM in the morning. 652 more words

Guest Experience

A Guest's Experience (Part One)

Have you ever gone in for a handshake and you get the early grab or the loose fish handshake? Either scenario is awkward. Once I was visiting a new church and they had a “new guests room” set up where they meet first time guests, answer questions and try and get them plugged in to the church. 722 more words


You Don't Get to Define the Small Stuff

How many of you have ever been bitten by an elephant?


How many of you have ever been bitten by a mosquito?


See, it’s the little things that always get you!
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First Impressions Last...

…but the Last Impression is Remembered!

Hellos and good-byes are beginning and ending points, the two highest positions in what memory researchers call the serial position curve. 162 more words

Guest Experience