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The 4 Adoption Levels of Guest Experience Disciplines

To proceed up the levels of Guest Experience maturity without mishaps, you need to understand your starting point. Specifically, you need a realistic assessment of your current adoption level of reach of the Guest experience disciplines. 550 more words


The Six Canons of Great Service – Part VII: Thank Your Customer

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

It might be considered old fashioned, but thanking Customers seems like the least we can do when they pony up hard earned money for our goods and services. 635 more words


Video Storytelling for hotels - Show, don´t tell!

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” For many businesses the best way to explain what kind of experience or product you can have is by using video and storytelling to make people really believe and make them attracted to the product. 268 more words

The Path to Guest Experience Maturity

It’s not enough to be passionate about satisfying or delighting your customers. Your good intentions can just as easily send you down the wrong path as the right one.

811 more words

The Six Disciplines of Guest Experiences

Organizations that want to produce a high-quality Guest experience need to perform a set of sound, standard practices. Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, in their book… 903 more words


Instagramming for Hotels

A picture is known to be worth more than a thousand words. Instagram is therefore worth a lot for a business like Hotels. With many amenities to show our clients, and future guests, it is important to make people see how great it can be to come and stay at one of our hotels. 216 more words

Understanding Your Guest Experience Ecosystem

One of our favorite vacation spots is at the beach – not the glitzy, 24/7 world of neon lights, endless traffic, and crowds, but instead a quiet, sparsely populated beach where the beauty of sand and sea oats takes center stage. 388 more words