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Guest Post: Kimberly G. Giarratano

Ghostly YA Reads To Keep You Up At Night

Happy Halloween mystery lovers! I thought in honor of Halloween, I’d offer up some of my favorite haunting and creepy young adult novels. 658 more words


Thursday Tips: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

Back in the film era, there was an adage—really, something between a saying and a mantra—that went like this: f/8 and be there. It was, in essence, a statement that suggested that, when it came to getting “the shot,” the technicals were a whole lot less important than being in position when the opportunity arose. 646 more words


Article: Everybody’s going ape for gorilla glass

One of the most important components of today’s smart phone and tablet computers are their touch screens. The glass of the touch screen has to be light weight and thin, yet tough enough to withstand the abuses of everyday use – stains, scratches, falls, etc. 743 more words


SoCS - On English and Taking a Break

The English language amazes me. I’m sure many other languages are equally amazing, but English is the one I’m most familiar with, so it’s the one I’ll talk about. 323 more words


Tell Your Tale- Submit a Story to The Blogging Mama Today!

Well here we are once again with a new and exciting development on The Blogging Mama!

Hold on to your hats ladies and gents because this is a doozy. 272 more words

The Blogging Mama

Guest posting

Fellow earthlings
And writers
Look for me tomorrow
On writing prompts and thoughts and ideas …oh my..

As I will be guest posting
See you then


Guest Post: Judy Alter

Sidekicks and Minor Characters

Remember The Lone Ranger and Tonto? Roy Rogers and Cookie (Andy Devine)? Almost all legendary heroes had their sidekicks who are useful foils to their brave adventures, providing a bit of comic relief sometimes. 765 more words