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Fellow earthlings
And writers
Look for me tomorrow
On writing prompts and thoughts and ideas …oh my..

As I will be guest posting
See you then


Guest Post: Judy Alter

Sidekicks and Minor Characters

Remember The Lone Ranger and Tonto? Roy Rogers and Cookie (Andy Devine)? Almost all legendary heroes had their sidekicks who are useful foils to their brave adventures, providing a bit of comic relief sometimes. 765 more words


Thursday Tips: Working With What You Have

I know that many people think that a successful artist needs to demonstrate a given style, and perhaps that’s true, but in the world of nature photography I feel that if you must reveal a style (and I’m not at all sure that you do, but that’s a topic for another day), it’s important to do so within the confines of the setting. 509 more words


College Basketball Injuries: What’s At Risk?

Athletes are conditioned to push themselves to their limits every practice and every game. Unfortunately, this leads to high risk for injuries, some of which can end a player’s career if left untreated. 626 more words

San Diego Sports Domination

Write For Me Wednesday - Why Your Child Needs Swim Lessons

Today, I have a wonderful guest post to share with you on a subject that I find very important.  The author, Becky Flanigan, enjoys writing for… 720 more words


Guest Post: Michael Nethercott

Roughly a month before her killing, I met Lorraine Cobble, the professional songcatcher, in the smoky, candlelit depths of the Café Mercutio. Actually, met is going too far. 640 more words


Hello Mr. Zias

A Guest Posting by Yannick Clément
An Exchange of Emails with Joe Zias (Wikipedia Entry)

Hello everyone!

Here, I would simply like to share some precious and very pertinent informations I got from a real expert in ancient Jewish burial rituals who’s name is Joe Zias. 3,055 more words

Guest Posting