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Thursday Tips: Image Organization

Let’s spend a bit of time talking about what is surely the most exciting photography-related topic in the universe—image organization. Okay, so it’s not exactly the most thrilling subject, but it is, undeniably, extremely important as anyone who’s tried to sort through thousands of files to find a particular photograph can attest. 2,070 more words


Snowflake Craft: When is Nap Time?

Hello friends! I have a SUPER GREAT friend named Amber! She blogs over at When is Nap Time? We met through a mutual friend and have been attending bible study together for the last year. 352 more words


Guest Post: Debra R. Borys

Ice Art

“She looked at him with an icy stare and he knew he was in trouble.” “He said the words in an icy calm.” “A shiver ran down his spine like ice spreading across a windowpane.” 610 more words


Thank You for the Warm Welcome

Linda is a pretty amazing and very trusting person. She told us we could post on her blog while she is away, but I wasn’t actually planning on it. 356 more words


Guest Posting Opportunity: Open Letters Campaign

If you ever wanted to write a guest post, here’s your chance! Please read on for more information about the Open Letters Campaign on my other blog, … 173 more words


Thursday Tips: Equipment Familiarity and Once In a Lifetime Trips

So, you’ve got the photo trip of a lifetime planned—Antarctica, perhaps, or the Galapagos Islands or a photo safari in Kenya or Tanzania. Wherever it is, since it’s the “trip of a lifetime,” what better opportunity to finally break down and splurge on that new camera or new lens or new tripod that you’ve had your eye on for so long time. 602 more words


Party Crasher Pav

Greetings from Pavorisms.

Starting in a few days, your regularly scheduled operator will be unavailable for a couple of weeks, and she wanted to leave some of her regular features in capable hands to make sure you felt warm and snuggly knowing that your regular Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts would go uninterrupted. 659 more words