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*Not a Nature-Nut*

Written By: Sarah Berthely

I met Sarita in college while we were studying in Philadelphia together. She became one of my closest friends; I remember many late nights eating cereal and just chatting in that North Philly dorm room. 786 more words

a suggested read

I link all Scripture references I use in my posts to Bible Gateway. If you haven’t used the resource before, it’s an excellent online tool. It’s not only easy to search for a particular Scripture or theme or key word, you can also view the same verse in multiple versions (and languages), listen to it read aloud, and read commentary on it. 89 more words


Cambodia's UN-backed Trial of Former Khmer Rouge Leaders

An article by guest writer Dione Wang. Refer to “About the Writer” at the end of the post.

“Be careful, because Cambodia is the most dangerous place you will ever visit. 2,259 more words


Kat & Anna Go Hillside: A Music & Travel Blog

Hillside Festival is a three-day, five-stage music and foodie extravaganza. Taking place in Guelph, Ontario on Guelph Lake Island, capacity is limited and green initiatives aren’t just an afterthought but rather an impressive statement. 108 more words


Guest Writer: Write Anywhere, Write Everywhere

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing this past week with the Wordsmith is just exploring the world.   It’s one thing to sit at home, with Google search at your fingertips, and Wikipedia at your beck and call, it’s another to actually just _go_ places to see them with your own eyes. 705 more words


Between justice and the Hell Dilemma

By Immanuel James

A certain King Darius of ancient Rome, in order not to forget to extract justice – or rather, revenge – from the offence he received from the people of Athens, mandated one of his servants to always say to him, three times at every dinner: “Sir, remember the Athenians.” And one King Clovis of ancient France was even more dramatic in his desire for justice. 1,232 more words


"Telling my whole life with his words, killing me softly with his song"...

Today I welcome back my inspiring and much loved guest poet Cate – Enjoy!


Poet Who Heals the Souls

You’ve done it again
Do you know what you do… 352 more words