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Cloning: Reimage Fails To Load

I have not been keeping myself abreast on the development of the low-level side of the PC, namely the firmware and hard disk partitioning until I find myself facing a wall.  297 more words


Sky Climber Game Assets

This game Assets are suitable for game developers, game designers who want to make games for android or iOS. The Game Asset is made with 100% pen tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6, so it is resizable and fully editable. 28 more words


New Action To Exclude Items Without Rating

A new action is now provided to exclude images without rating, You can see it in the option menu beside the rating widget:


So.. we realise we missed our 11th update. Things have been pretty hectic. We’d also like to break out of that routine, so we’re changing things up.. 449 more words

Stranded Deep

Compounding Interest Calculator

Doing some financial studies quickly proved to be a schlep if you have to work out the compounding interest for each and every calculation you make. 355 more words


It's just a scratch...

So the dummies took a combat class and now they can kick butt. Unfortunately, my butt…

The full combat system has been implemented for the stationary enemies, and there’s even a health GUI (not visible in the preview image, but it’s in the top left corner of the actual game.) Of course, you can battle the red and blue dummies in Dungeoner’s Game at… 137 more words

Dungeoner's Game