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Google reportedly plans flatter look for Android

“Whisper has it that Google’s engineers are considering a ‘flat’ version of Android following Apple’s huge success with its own flat OS, iOS 7,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. 159 more words


swingx: Great add-on for your Java Swing GUIs

This weekend I’ve been revisiting the code of a Swing GUI that I developed in the past to download subtitles for the stuff I watch. And let me tell you, I’m still a bit shocked of some stuff that I did! 393 more words


What I don't like...

is the fanboy attitude. I read forums, related to Andrew Price’s GUI proposal and I have to face too many times with human stupidity and fanboy attitude. 146 more words


Add multiple raster or vector map layers to current map display in GRASS GIS

If your mapset contains many raster or vector layers GRASS offers a very handy feature to quickly select the layers you want to add to your current map display. 291 more words


Diamond UI Update, Day 4?

Or is it day 5? Meh~ made it a tad darker and changed a few windows :3


“Screen Fillers” Graphic User Interface Elements

April 10, 2014

by Stefan Surmabojov

This massive 21 part tutorial will walk you through how to create intricate graphic user interface elements that you can use to fill screens. 157 more words


Second Week Started

Hey there!

This week started with a bang with a heavy schedule for our graphical artists, and hopefully it will not be too much for them. 366 more words