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Oculus Rift World Space Cursors for World Space Canvases in Unity 4.6

Unity 4.6 is here! (Well, in public beta form). Finally–the GUI that I’ve waited YEARS for is in my hands. Just in time, too. I’ve just started building the GUI for my latest Oculus Rift project. 406 more words


TicTakToe Progress

Today I have been working on ways that I can link my array to my GUI. I have created the array in the ‘TicTakToe.java’ file. Doing some research on how I can get this working and from there I will look into saving whether a player wins or loses.

Mr Hansen

GUIs I made for [BumbleBee]

Before I forget and to keep a record of what I did, these are samples of the GUIs I made to aid myself in finding certain key parameters for the vision filters used in RoboSub. 61 more words

Graphic Design Language Consistency

While I have often said that a lot of UI changes are simply eye candy, and add nothing important other than “bling” to a design, not all UI changes fall into that category. 1,337 more words


VALVe rolls out a massive update for Steam, bringing changes to all.

So just yesterday, the new update for the Steam platform was released.
The resulting opinions were rather mixed. Some like the new feel/look of it. Some do not. 76 more words


Good News

I found the old dashboard.

Christ, I wish WordPress would stop fucking around with the interface. Have you ever noticed there’s multiple links allowing you to put up a new post and each one takes you to a different format? 17 more words


R&A Level 2 Rules School Announced

R&A, GUI and ILGU announce Level 2 Rules School to be held in October 2014
The Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI), the Irish Ladies’ Golf Union (ILGU) and The R&A are delighted to announce that for the first time, a joint GUI/ILGU/R&A Level 2 Rules School will be run in Ireland on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October 2014.   230 more words

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