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Keyboard layout issues

After an update to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS my keyboard seemed to be stuck on a US layout. None of the ideas and fixes in this post ( 31 more words


Personal Pros and Cons of linux.

So as some of you may or may not know, I run a Linux Operating System(Ubuntu 14.04) and I can’t say I hate it, but I can’t say I love it. 225 more words

Game UI (2014)

So for the past little while I have been making the art for the UI in our upcoming game Wholey Moley. Below are some select examples of what I’ve put together so far. 16 more words


A Python Scientific Calculator

In a previous post of a Javascript Scientific Calculator I had mentioned I would be discussing other calculators. This one is written in python. The code is below: 2,594 more words

uGUI Panelmanager

The new and improved Panel Manager for the new Unity GUI (uGUI) has arrived and is ready for purchase (20$) in the Unity Asset Store. 13 more words


How to install statically built Qt (64 bit) with MinGW on windows 8.1

The file size produced by Qt is really a big headache: it is huge !!! If you installed qt in the normal way, that is, you just downloaded and installed qt binary with mingw for windows, then basically you just installed dynamically built qt which means your executable of Qt app will need others Qt module at runtime. 428 more words


How to visualize artificial molecules in chemlambda

UPDATE:  I’ve updated the explanations page, where you can download a new variant of the formalism, which eliminated the CO-COMM and CO-ASSOC moves by the introduction of a new FO node (called “FOE”), something inspired from the analogy with DNA-RNA: 1,330 more words