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There are times... and there are choices

There are times… those times when you feel vulnerable and it can become easy to fall prey to depression. You cannot help but feel demotivated, depressed, or feel any negativity of the sort. 445 more words

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Our souls needs spiritual nourishment

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DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Friday, October 24, 2014

Spiritual nourishment includes more than Bible study, prayer, and attending church. 1,308 more words


A Constant Battle We Face

As we go through life, there are struggles we will face: work, school, people, finances, etc. There is one struggle that is impossible to get away from and happens to everyone no matter their age or circumstance—the struggle against ourselves. 736 more words


Roller Derby & Announcing - TeamCrip

I was gutted and absolutely devastated at the idea of not scrimmaging or bouting until 2015 (December for scrimmaging!). I was unable to skate at the Harlots bout on the 18th October which really sucked. 2,224 more words

Roller Derby

When God Loves Us Enough to Hide From Us

Sometimes, it feels like we’ve been waiting on God for years. Even though we’ve been here just over three months, looking for a job has taken its toll on us. 280 more words


How to tap into your Intuition for a better life and business

Using your Intuition to get ahead in life is a life skill, not a woo woo illusion. It is a real wisdom skill. In this 41st Episode on Connections Forum, you will learn more about how to apply your intuition to resolve problems and get ahead. 203 more words


In This World as an Ambassador of Your World

Abba, You are the Creator of everything on earth and in outer space. You invented humans, mountains, oceans, planets, creatures, water, light, energy, and emotions. There is nothing You can’t do, nothing You don’t know. 141 more words

ACTS Prayer