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Day 24--IKEA

Life is filled with challenges, and guide dog work is no exception. There are blown curbs, distractions, badly given commands. Lots of things that place a strain on the team. 224 more words


Day 23--Hangover

However we humans responded to yesterday’s events–smiles, tears, relief–the dogs were nearly universal in their exhaustion today. Most of us reported that our dogs slept longer or were harder to wake for the 6:15 relieving. 235 more words


Day 21--Practice Runs

Everything here is repetition and consistency. We stand with the left leg slightly in front of the right, always. We do our obedience work in the same sequence (sit/down/sit/down/sit/stay/stay/down/come/come/stand/sit/okay) every time. 367 more words


Starting over can be tough

Honestly forlike the last month I haven’t really been myself. I get up go to work come home fall asleep repeat. I’ve been going to a therapist the last few weeks to try to MoveOn. 709 more words


Day 20--Digging Deep

Perhaps it should go without saying, but, dog and mobility aside, my time at GDA has been transformative. I don’t think a person could spend so many weeks cloistered as we are and not change. 407 more words

Guide Dog

Day 18--Avoidance and Fear

“What we want when we do this activity–what we as trainers are looking for–is avoidance.” Our instructor held up a freshly microwaved piece of turkey for the class. 313 more words

Guide Dog

Article: Introducing my guide dog to the world of classical music

Today Minnesota Public Radio published my piece about York’s presence in my musical life:

“JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It’s Tuesday evening, and after a four-week hiatus, I’m finally attending chorus rehearsal again — but I haven’t assumed my usual place on the risers. 34 more words

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