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7 feet of snow no thank you

The last two nights have involve me coming home falling asleep on my couch. Last night though I put on a radio station from Buffalo to listen to the news from there. 738 more words


Unlike Mississippi State I know my place king of the threes

Earlier today I was discussing how Mississippi State isn’t a 4. They’re more like a 16 to me. Yes they’ve won some big games, but Kentucky hung in with them, and let’s face it Kentucky is improved, but they’re no Georgia or Alabama. 1,568 more words


Hi ho.. hi ho.. it's off to blogging we go! :) -- We're backkkkk!

Let’s recap over the past many months. Pretty much ever since I got my job I haven’t had time to blog much. I also wanted to clean up some other parts of the blog and every time I did so, everybody would get a million notifications.. 1,120 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa


The Goughnut arrived in the mail today, just in time. Trotsky has destroyed most of his toys, and our budget will stretch no more. According to the manufacturer, only one percent of dogs can chew through the Goughnut’s hard black rubber, and those pet owners get a refund. 226 more words

Guide Dog


Getting a guide dog has not only changed the way I move through the world, it’s changed the way the world responds to me. The difference was apparent almost immediately. 199 more words

Guide Dog

Thank You

Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.

–John D. Rockefeller

What is your freedom worth? I’m not talking about your first amendment freedoms, or your right to vote, or anything that abstract.

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Guide Dog

Learning from Luna

I just got back from a short trip to AZ to see the second annual Schneider Disability Issues in Journalism awards given. www.ncdj.org Luna is a great traveler, a good guide and a wonderful icebreaker. 322 more words