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A Guide to Merry Online Charity Auctions This Holiday

For instance, you can reconnect your donors with the stories that appealed to them before. You can also create a “Why Donate” page to show how valuable your cause is and evoke a positive response from individuals who come across it. 71 more words


Styling Guide for Short Ladies

Too many times have we short ladies walked into a store with the intention of buying that cute outfit we spotted on the mannequin, but nine times out of ten, it doesn’t fit! 415 more words


Zombie Survival Guide

Being undead can be difficult. Your arms and legs tend to rot and fall off. So what do you do? Our film shows the beginning of the infection, the development of the zombie and how to behave as newly undead. 7 more words


Folksy Friday ...

I thought that seeing as the dreaded day of the loved up is looming around the corner I would take a little look at my selling venue, … 336 more words


Teaching the skills: Develop a talent, Part 2

Once we’ve discovered a child’s talent, many a parent’s first thought is to capitalize on it. In fact, sometimes (as was in my case), parents are looking to capitalize on things the child has never shown a talent for (and was even unable to do so), yet have deluded themselves into believing that the child would excel at it. 429 more words



what path has taken,

which direction has lead

no compass manifest

if in this life misguided;

i may have passed you,

opportunity, i let you pass— 27 more words


True empathy

The definition of empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

This is something that many do not have. Many say they do, yet when it comes time to display empathy they stonewall, change the subject or even throw up words that act like chaff blinding the missile of truth from findings its mark. 269 more words