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Travel Inspiration

Inspiration is all around and I for one am never at a loss for options of where I want to travel next. The tricky part is usually deciding between many top destinations.

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Travel Prep: Books, Books, Books

The months before a trip are the time for dreaming and planning. I love lingering in bookstores, gathering biographies or fiction set in the country I’ll visit. 468 more words

Travel Tip #3

There is no right way to travel. Let yourself figure out your way!

Put the travel guide down for a bit. While they might be super helpful and pointing you to the perfect restaurants and hotels the check out, they don’t have EVERYTHING about the city or country you are visiting in them! 32 more words


Makeshift Mansion - Stopover in Costa Rica

After a credit card debacle and a morning of mishaps, I was finally on my international bus from the capital of Nicaragua to the capital of… 1,084 more words

Survival Tips - 37 Survival Downloads and Handbooks

Found this list of 37 Survival Downloads and Handbooks while hunting the wilds of the internet.

They all use the adfly URL shortener, so you may have to see some ads before you get to the goods, but it’s worth it. 293 more words


June 12th - books gardening - 365x project

you plant during Autumn and Winter, its grows during Spring, fruits come in the Summer.

Miss 2nd editor (update) Byrtek (before black party) with book which came today from Poland


TRAVEL: What do you do when the sun goes down?

I realise that the title of this post may be a bit misleading.  If you are reading this expecting tales of naked debauchery on some sun soaked island then you might be disappointed….sorry. 637 more words