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Boxed Set Teaching

Oh, holy professional development………

Why is it that every teacher on earth is subjected to “professional development”, no matter how developed that professional might be? 910 more words


6 days to Guided Reading

In this series I will give you the tips and tricks that I use in my guided reading program. Guided reading is a teaching method that defines differentiation. 128 more words


"Sammy the Centipede Gets Fit" by Maria Luchsinger

My five-year-old daughter and I have been reading Sammy the Centipede Gets Fit all day. She absolutely adores the pictures, and I have to admit, there’s something funny about all of those feet. 110 more words

Guided Reading

Teaching with a Sense of Urgency

“When I suggest that we need to “teach with a sense of urgency” I’m not talking about teaching prompted by anxiety but rather about making every moment in the classroom count, about ensuring that our instruction engages students and moves them ahead, about using daily evaluation and reflection to make wise teaching decisions. 937 more words

And then...

I have been into a number of different classrooms recently and a basic skill students are lacking is being able to make accurate inferences about what will happen next. 208 more words

Vicki Appleton-Tattersall

5 for Friday & Holiday Meals

Happy Five for Friday!

I’m linking up with Kacey to share about the week:

I’ve had a difficult time taking pictures this school year. For my weekly round-up posts, I often reflect and look at my camera roll for all the captured moments. 502 more words