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Chop Wood; Carry Water

The Zen expression, “Chop wood; carry water” is offered as a pathway to enlightenment. Its meaning is pointing to the idea that the work in front of you is the pathway to your next good. 261 more words

New Thought Insights

Meditation Challenge - Day 15

Halfway there! 15 more days to go of meditating for 30 minutes per day.

I did another guided meditation from YouTube today. This one was by… 252 more words


What is your favourite guided meditation?

I’m nearly at the halfway point in my meditation challenge, but I have 16 more days to go. So I have a question for you! 24 more words


Meditation Challenge - Day 14

Today I did another YouTube guided meditation. This one was by Jack Kornfield, a leading Buddhist teacher in the west for over 40 years. 248 more words


Adventures in Meditation

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been wanting to talk about meditation for a while, but couldn’t quite get to it because I was struggling to get myself to do it. 708 more words

Meditation Challenge - Day 12

Metta/Loving Kindness Meditation

I loved today’s meditation! I chose to do a Metta or Loving Kindness meditation, which is a traditional Buddhist meditation. The version I chose was led by… 274 more words