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Dog Safety

My son Josiah loves dogs. That’s a good thing when you’re the son of an animal care specialist. He learned early on what I do for people and their pets and he absolutely loves it. 295 more words


The Morning after Devastation

Last night, despite my exhaustion, I sat in bed and wrote my first piece for this new blog. Inspired by Earth Day, the writing just kept flowing and before I knew it I had finished a blog that I was proud of and couldn’t wait to share as my first instalment to this website. 237 more words

A Bottle of Wine a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Over the weekend, both the Daily Mail and Independent published the somewhat alarming claim from an “alcohol expert” that drinking a bottle of wine per day is not only not detrimental to one’s health, but is actually better for you than drinking no alcohol at all. 508 more words

News Stories

April Submission Blitz – Reformatting Fun

There’s sarcasm to that title. I really do prefer venues that request the standard format for submissions. Otherwise, I can sometimes spend a half hour or more completely reorganizing a manuscript to match unusual formatting demands (like I did today and yesterday). 170 more words


How To ..

I was asked how a person can live with less money. I would add to this living with less money paying what needs to be paid with freedom. 173 more words


Guidelines To Develop Minimalist Residing Room Tips With Pure White

Light colors generally adorn your living space decor. For instance, green and brown. But for now, Designinggal will display the minimalist living space tips with pure white. 23 more words

Daily Ideas


The following notice was printed in the Longview News Journal on
Sunday, April 20, 2014 & shared by We The People – Longview.

​ATTENTION VOTERS… 325 more words