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Rant #4: Wattpad Guides

So after that break with an awfully long story of how depressing my life was, let us continue with what I don’t like in my Wattpad journey. 900 more words


Kingdom Rift Introduction

On the edge of the world, Hellgate stirs after a long sleep, and it shall unleash the dark fury of the underworld Jerikar. Light Wardens, the defenders of all that is good, are mobilizing in the wake of ominous reports of disturbances, but they are helplessly outnumbered. 103 more words


How to set revision number to svn external

SVN externals allow to include (nest) a remote SVN repository into another SVN repository. They are a great way to keep the latest code from another repository without having to do much. 95 more words


First aid part 3

As a follow-up to our two first aid weeks last term (1 and 2), our Nurse and Former Guide Leader came back to test the Guides for their… 280 more words


Video: Fly Fishing the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia

Georgia has outstanding fly fishing opportunities for trophy trout and bass, and the Blue Ridge Mountains provide a spectacular outdoor setting to this world class angling. 74 more words



​Kingdom Rift has three playable classes: Warrior, Hunter, Warlock:
Class skill breakdown:
Warrior: Crit, Whirlwind, Charge, Shield Wall, War Torn

Hunter: Rapid Fire, Barbed Rain, Deadly Tangle, Multi Shot, Transform. 9 more words



As you advance through levels, new skills will become available. Click the skills panel whenever you level up to see which skills you can learn or upgrade. 53 more words