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Life in Tyria: Legendaries are another miss, just like in LOTRO.

OK, let me start this by stating two things:1) GW2 legendaries are *not* as bad as LOTRO’s clusterhump system, and 2) I don’t actually own… 905 more words


Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 113: Pig Iron Quarry

For someone who constantly says that jumping puzzles makes him crawl to a corner and starts sobbing while rocking back and forth while hugging my knees while whispering “never again”, I sure do a lot of them! 111 more words

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 112: Royal Ascalonian Torch

The roya ascalonina weapons might not look lik emuch during the day, but once it gets dark, they begin emitting a blue light. In factm the whole torch becomes blue. 16 more words

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 111: The Garrison

Just south of the citadel in the borderlands, you can find the garrison, named after the borderland’s world. It’s also the central keep.

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Guild Wars 2: Roasted Parsnip!

Looking for the perfect salty-and-sweet side dish for your meal? This week’s recipe is my go-to side dish for any meal. From Guild Wars 2:  455 more words


Boon or Bust: The April Feature Pack

One thing that has become more apparent over Guild Wars 2’s lifespan is that what sounds good in concept, does not always pan out in implementation. 1,143 more words

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 110: Great Jungle Wurm

I don’t really plan my visit to World bosses. 75% of time I just decide to go if someone mentions one in map chat or guild chat. 33 more words

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