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Using a bug to your advantage in Roleplaying

Could be called the new RP “exploit”. Except you don’t really gain anything from it.

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"Key run", done with an Elementalist

Playback speed is doubled, so it took 20 minutes 50 seconds. Can be cut down by a lot, all you need is a better computer than my shitty one (preferrably with GW2 on an SSD for even less loading times). 15 more words

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Days 209-211: More fun with Ifreet

Day 209: Whacked

New living story episode! The first day of the patch, most events were bugged, so I spent most of my gaming time going through the previous episode with my new best ele charr friend. 52 more words

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 208: Meet Ifreet Darkblade

I have shown this particular character in previous screenshots, but I never introduced him. Ifreet is my most recent level 80 character. Ever since I started playing the game, I wanted to like elementalists, but I couldn’t get into them. 48 more words

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Day 207: Time Twist

Still on my quest to leveling up my elementalist, I caught up with the personal story missios. “Forging the Pact”‘s starting place is Concordia Fort, and just like in Lion’s Arch, you can see the Living World effects of the place on a timeline where this hasn’t happened yet. 47 more words

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Buggy Days

Over the past couple weeks, I’d say since Season 2 started, I’ve been noticing Guild Wars 2 being a bit more buggy than normal. I’ve gotten use to the occasional visual glitch in game but have noted some new ones (at least for me) that have started up with the arrival of season 2. 418 more words

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