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Friends and Communities

I read a blog ( Bio Break ) the other day where the question was, why do we play mmo:s and what does friends ingame mean. 525 more words


Aika Online Guild Logo Fix!

So i was digging around on forums and it seems the guild logos are broken and can’t be updated or changed well i found the fix for changing them. 144 more words


Audiobook? or No?

Can I just tell you my biggest frustration with audiobooks? The fact that you can be listening and listening and if you get distracted it’s all over. 578 more words

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The Blessed Weapon Crafter

I needed to upgrade my 1 handed healing club to Illustrious so I turned to the guild leader of Friskyttarna, Zagrim. Because he is such a nice guy he agreed to help me <3 He didnt have to as I changed guild a couple of weeks ago, but he did <3 Tho I will always belong to Friskyttarna gaming community, wont leave that. 111 more words


Staff Top 10 Music Releases of 2014 by Yeon

01) Codomo Dragon –
After an album that probably disappointed more than one, Codomo Dragon was back on summer with a new single named and truly made it way better than my expectations. 367 more words


Video Corner: Guild - LOVEマシーン (short)

GUILD have revealed the short PV for their new single “LOVEマシーン” to be released on January the 1st. Enjoy!

src: zanyzapofficial




Tribute to my old friends: ooKJoo, Enutpen, CrescentC, Maus, FSPris, Mimosha, SoulofNature, Minaev, Burnix, Xephiria, Noldorin, Luciena and SanguineAltair. How I miss all of you.