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The Swedish Nude Trend In ArcheAge

We have seen a new trend in our guild lately. Macho males are dressing off to do dungeons. It´s possibly a way to show off  – “I can do this without armor” thingie :P… 124 more words


Guild Director (Tale Weaver Prompt)

Hello everyone!  This is Jen from Blog It Or Lose It, substituting for Oloriel.

Sadly, Oloriel’s schedule no longer allows her to create the Tale Weaver prompts.    380 more words

Creative Writing

Entropy - An Officer in the Ivory

As I mentioned in my previous post, growth is an important part of any guild. An important thing to understand, however, is that any guild is going to fall, and it’s almost always from entropy, the social decline of everything. 372 more words

Fate Of Arun


Hello everyone!

I thank you for visiting this blog!

In this first post I will be describing – briefly – the Prime guild and its sister alliances. 76 more words


And that Serpentis..

We did the first room in Serpentis 10 man raid this friday *yay* but the second room looked like a LSD trip:

I cant say its a walk in the park to heal in Serpentis. 34 more words


Thank you card design

My guild, the Fabulous Las Vegas Scribes has been meeting at a community room in a Ford dealership, the space very nicely given to us once a month at no cost.  42 more words