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Exploring Engineers

Like to make things go BOOM? Try an Engineer!

Engineers, the gadget and gizmo heavy profession, go through the early levels without starting to experience any of its cool factor until level 13. 789 more words

Guild Wars 2

Revisiting Rangers

Looking to channel your inner Legolas?  Ranger might be for you then!

Life for a PVE ranger begins with a longbow and a pet which you choose on character creation.   1,322 more words

Guild Wars 2

Early Leveling Study

Now that Star and I have both shared some of our thoughts and impressions on GW2’s New Player Experience, it’s time to announce our latest mad scheme: the Early Leveling Study. 485 more words


NPE & ArenaNet's Communication

I still remember very vividly how chaotic and urgent the sense of battle was on brand new characters during the Guid Wars 2 beta weekends (and I played in all of them). 1,536 more words

Guild Wars 2