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"No why. Because China."

When you live in China, you learn pretty quickly that people don’t ask questions. Especially, when those questions have anything to do with why something is done the way it is. 551 more words


Li River Flussfahrt mit einem bisschen Kaffeefahrt Grove

Entweder man fährt mit dem Bus von Guilin nach Yangshuo… oder man nimmt das Schiff. Ich entschied mich für letzteres, denn ich habe ja Zeit. Ich buchte ein Ticket bei lirivercruise.net. 392 more words


Dragon’s Backbone or the rice terraces of Longji

The Longji (Long = Dragon, ji = backbone) ……  chinese for beginners ha ha    Anyway, the beautifully engineered terraces are situated in small mountain villages on an altitude of approx 1000m.They are farmed by minority people such as Zhuang, Dong and Miao. 72 more words


Bringing the Far East near

And just like that, I’ve been in China for a month.

For those of you who don’t know, I moved from the Midwest to the Middle Kingdom to teach English writing classes at a university in Guilin, Guangxi, China in mid-August. 396 more words


complementary laundry day in luxury.....

Where could you possibly do better your laundry than in a hotel with style…. they even provide a line to hang it in the bathroom. not that any of you would worry… yes also my underwear and other clothes are being washed. 13 more words


China Impressions

Middle class…

Instead of middle class, I had originally wrote ‘expensive’, which is true but unfair. China is growing, and you see it from the moment you put your first foot down on their soil. 1,486 more words

Following My Feet