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Firstly, apologies for the photography skills exhibited here. You might just have to trust me this time that it’s yummy and so easy.

There is a reason behind this poor photo, which is that my housemates have kind of taken up the kitchen, which has the best light (and has surfaces) for photos. 260 more words

Easy Sweet Potato Brownies

  • 1 cup of gluten free oatmeal flour
  • 1 cup of mashed sweet potato
  • 1/2 cup of cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp of baking powder
  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk…
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How to Eat Cookies & Blame it on the Baby... (A Recipe)

Seriously, there are some days that I survive by the presence of chocolate, coffee, and God’s grace alone. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Mom who wants to hide when she’s raiding her stash of cookies to avoid sharing with anyone else. 629 more words

MuLondon: It Kicks Dry Skin To The Curb

“Ana Goes Green” talks about her favourite guilt-free sweet treats for the skin.

MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee and Heel Cream: “Ever since having this cream in my arsenal, those unsightly patches of dry skin on my knees have been a thing of the past.“ 44 more words


Not guilty • 15

Part 15 of a study on Matthew 3

Many Christians live their lives as if they are still guilty, yet Jesus died and was raised so that he could remove all guilt and stains from our lives. 541 more words

Bible Study

Hot Cross Buns

I just don’t understand how people don’t love Hot Cross Buns.  With it’s soft doughy bun, spices and fruit and finally smothered in butter. But it has in my many Easters allowed me buy a packet of them and know that they will not be pilfered by anyone in the house.   387 more words

Guilt Free Snack?

I was in Costco the other day and was, of course, sampling when I came across a rice cake snack.  I thought to myself, “that sounds great and my body does well on rice so yes, I will try it!” As I approached the rice cake, the girl working the sample table says to me, “these are a guilt free snack!”  Said this with much enthusiasm.   624 more words