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True Confession

If you confess sin and thereafter the effect of the sin is still there, then you need to check
the truthfulness of your confession. Where there is forgiveness, there is healing , deliverance… 45 more words


Practised disbelief

Section 106 is just doing its do-tea

The chance of sleep was as unlikely as a simultaneous win on the lottery and the horses for a person who never buys a ticket or places a bet. 389 more words

Creative Writing

A mental change

Nearly 2 years ago I started this journey called “parenthood”. On that fateful day I had no comprehension about everything and nothing was about to change. 199 more words


Morning resolutions coming to a grinding halt.

Woke up very early this morning, I have to go to work, starting late morning, so set my alarm clock a around 5 am( I ‘ man early bird), with the intention of performing a few chores before leaving home( not returning for a few days as I work in travel) 306 more words

Twists and Turns of 27

And anxiety ensued, as it was likely to:

I turned 27 this past Sunday, and my dad got me a membership to the YMCA. Mostly because my doctor said swimming would be good for me. 1,153 more words

Getting Rid of Mommy Guilt in 3, 2, 1... (Pumping Ain't Easy)

I mentioned in my first post that I recently went from being a mommy of one to a mommy of three when I gave birth to twins a little over a month ago. 1,284 more words


I should be there,” my mama placed heavy emphasis on every single syllable intonating in the way only a mother is capable of. I scoffed, replying, “ 390 more words