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Sex before Marriage... Part 2 of 2

So this post is following my last one that discussed my personal experiences of sex before marriage. In this post, I want to explain some facts of why I no longer believe it’s wrong. 770 more words


Trying to Live for Yourself

I look down at my hands sometimes, and just feel guilty.  Guilty that I’m not working toward anything… material.  Things that I could physically touch with my hands.  116 more words


What Love is

You know that famous quote on love that they always recite at weddings? The one that starts with “love is patient, love is kind…?” I wrote a… 494 more words


Rediscovered Ramblings: I Would Wish

April, 2014 

Sometimes, on the bad days, on the days I felt crushed under the weight of my own brokenness, I would wish I never knew. 252 more words

Rediscovered Ramblings


Note: so tired but so in the mood to post this.

What did you see?

When you decided to look back

Show me, blind me with a flash… 225 more words


I have turned into him

M was finally back from a week holiday yesterday. I had missed her so much. In the middle of our catch up, while eating some delicious cupcakes she brought me back from NY (I have the best girlfriends in the universe!), she said “you are becoming him (Ex)… you are dating like a man”. 1,322 more words


Ezra 9-10, Hebrews 5

The Power of Intercession.

Ezra 9-10, Hebrews 5

O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift my face to you, my God, for our iniquities have risen higher than our heads, and our guilt has mounted up to the heavens.  1,389 more words

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