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From guilt - to vulnerability - to beauty

Recently I have been very happy in my life. Looking out of my kitchen window I can feel overwhelmed with joy. I love my home, my man, my life, and I love all the work that lies ahead of me. 526 more words


On Not Writing and Not Feeling Guilty About It

You may have noticed things have been mighty quiet around here for a while. I haven’t been writing–and I wrote about that in a guest blog over at Sundress… 180 more words

Endeavors In The Real World

My bed, my haven, my heaven, my hell

I’m disappointed to write that my pain is back, with vengeance.

It started Sunday morning, I woke in what seemed like hell, pain from hell. I also had a frozen neck, shoulder and left arm again. 335 more words

Helpful Book

The book I am reading is called “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” by David D. Burns, M.D.  I chose this one from a book list from my doctor to help me deal with chronic pain, anxiety and depression.  488 more words


"Part-time" work

Take Our PollIt’s a Friday, my day at home with my son. It’s a day that I have fought hard to have, a day that I have had to forego career opportunities to have but that is the choice I have made because Friday is very important to my three year old. 511 more words


Facets of Guilt

I have a lot to feel guilty about. Let’s see here, I feel guilty because I:

  • cheated on wife
  • betrayed my kids
  • involved my kids and Scarlet’s kids in the affair by taking them places with her…
  • 528 more words


This is Beej, and I don’t remember having posted here before. I don’t get to come out often, and when I do I usually try to make the best of playing a game before someone else comes out and takes it over. 175 more words