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This scene is an attempt to write in third person limited where one character has a secret they don’t want the other characters to find out about. 713 more words



As a Mom, or a parent really, guilt comes with the territory. We all feel guilt everyday about decisions we make, decisions we don’t make, how we raise our kids; the list goes on and on. 902 more words

Lupus And Women

What I thought was guilt ... wasn't ...

I carry a lot of guilt because of my crime …

… and often wonder how long before that guilt will no longer drag me down, though I know ‘time’ is the only true answer. 423 more words


The Guilt Trip

In earlier blogs, I’ve talked about my conversion disorder, and how my brain doesn’t process emotions quite like most other people. Suffering from conversion disorder has been a really complicated journey for me, not just because it took forever to figure out what was really happening, and not just because I had excruciating seizures and consistent tremors that exhausted me and made writing notes in class difficult. 769 more words


The Greatest Enemy to Your Happiness That You Never See Coming

Many of us try to rid ourselves of those things in our life that we feel weigh us down and prevent us from experiencing happiness (addictions, toxic relationships, depression, etc.). 570 more words

Personal Growth

Thoughts on Provision

We pray for His provision for this or that. And then when He provides, we feel as if we aren’t worthy of the provision, or we aren’t sure if we should accept it. 298 more words

When the Enemy Attacks

I recently took the first step towards moving forward with an authentic ministry opportunity I feel called to. As I reached out in fellowship and seeking encouragement I was met with this very honest response. 507 more words