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Rear View Mirror

Ok, so you ate Thanksgiving dinner and everything else you could get your hands on yesterday. Great. Yesterday was a sin-free day for me, too. I ate junk food on the highway during a three hour drive down there and I had a Coke and junk food on the drive home. 352 more words


Do You Feel PTSD-Related Guilt?

I know this appears like an odd question, but I do not feel guilt, and I am wondering if there are other people who do not feel guilt that is related to their PTSD. 35 more words

MyNewTryMo - 3 to go - Tidying up

This is ridiculous.  I have just wasted perfectly good blogging time tidying up before the cleaners get here.

As if the guilt of employing someone to do my dirty work isn’t bad enough, the pressure mounts to make sure I have the right money to hand (change seems to be a problem and their memories are bad). 299 more words

Mostly Humourous Reactions To My Life

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week ... in Review

This has turned out to be a hard week. It’s only Thursday .. well, technically it’s just turned into Friday, but that’s nit picking. So, let’s talk about the week. 770 more words


Confessions of a crazed mother: part four

This year we didn’t even finish Thanksgiving before the Christmas decor was splashed on the walls, up the stairway and in the windows; but then again this is our first year with my father and his wife and my sisters. 796 more words


1.continuos guilt after the movie ended 2.terror strikes your heart when you want to switch off the lights 3.vowing never to watch a horror movie again 4.hearing voices particular similar to the movie 5.compensating by putting a gentler movie to rub off or pay for what you have seen.a lantern’s

Radical Grace