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Luxury Dust

Luxury Dust

Shaken off the shoulders of the rich like so much detritus
To settle unfaltering on the footprints of the poor
Luxury dust must be the thing invented at the time… 177 more words


me and april 24. 2014

current medication list and doses:

benztropine (cogentin)  - 2 mg

bupropion (wellbutrin) - 450 mg

buspirone (buspar) – 45 mg  (currently being weaned off of this medication) 597 more words


I don't wanna...and other non excuses

Here’s a comprehensive list of things I don’t want to/ feel like doing, now that I’m pregnant.

  1. Work
  2. Sex
  3. Leave the house
  4. Leave the bathtub…
  5. 81 more words

April 24(Day 70): Pieces of Me

This blog is about achieving thirty goals in 730 days (two years).  So far, I feel satisfied on 1 goal.

There are only about four weeks left till graduation, and I feel like I’m being torn to pieces and pulled from every direction.   281 more words

Backseat Driver

How do you keep up with diabetes when your life begins to spin out of control?

There are so many things on my plate right now. 179 more words

Top 5 reasons chocolate is good for us!

So it’s a few days after Easter, you’ve probably consumed more chocolate than you’d like to admit and are feeling pretty guilty about it. If so, no need! 301 more words


I Have "Missing Madi's Soccer Game" Guilt

I always seem to find myself over-committed and the next two weeks are prime examples.

Too much on the schedule means I’ll miss Madi’s last playoff soccer game AND the team party – even though I am one of the coaches. 189 more words