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This posting is not my usual of the last few months so if lighthearted is what you are seeking, this post is not for you. It’s not about running or fitness…not really. 1,048 more words

By a thread

Life clung tenaciously
Ripping me from hell’s embrace
I’d taken everything
Best clothes on and I was ready to go
Then it came
Couldn’t keep it down… 82 more words


My Story....the first bomb

So, about 6 weeks in I got my first kick in the gut….out of the blue as I was driving home from work, J told me that while he was divorced, he was still living with his wife and that she didn’t know about his post-divorce relationships. 1,379 more words

Abuse Recovery

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A perfect description of Lovebombing by a mate with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The Narcissist: Good bye to my imaginary soul mate

I have never really gone through a grieving process before.  I lost my grandfather a few years back and don’t get me wrong, I loved my grandfather very much, but he and I were never really close and although his death made me sad and I wished I had spent more time with him, I wasn’t necessarily riddled with grief.  793 more words

Abusive Relationship

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A very well written story about the early stages of coping with the red flags of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Atonement Cures the Sick by Taking Away the Guilt

“Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a cure. It takes away the guilt that makes the sickness possible. And that is cure indeed. 193 more words


What’s with guilt?

I like this song because it reminds me of The Trial (‘proces’ is Polish for ‘trial’), and especially of the scene where K. goes into a church and finds there a pulpit prepared for a sermon, and then a priest comes to give this sermon to him alone. 382 more words


Week 1 Day 4

PB 59:25

Today I have managed to do the Aphrodite. I thought It’s gonna be a rest day but I still have the energy, so why not.   64 more words