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The Road to Hell Is Paved with Unsent Greeting Cards

Several years ago . . .  scratch that.  At least a decade ago, I stopped sending Christmas cards.  I didn’t mean to stop sending them forever, but it seems to have turned out that way.  439 more words


The Season of Hope

What is the opposite of anxiety? You could easily say that the opposite of anxious is calm, and I won’t disagree. But if you look at anxiety, as I often experience it, it can be expressed as worry. 738 more words

Delete the Tapes

As always when I call Becky every four months or so for a catch up, we quickly delve into deep conversations. This call was no different. 249 more words


TCOYOS - What is it?

About three months ago, when I was at AWBU (Blogging Conference), I found out about something interesting, tcoyos. A blogging friend mentioned this word. I didn’t know what it meant. 463 more words



Will anything I do be enough?

No- it won’t be. No amount of success, content ness, love, peace or tranquility will ever be enough. Unless, of course, I succeed in recovery. 212 more words

Give yourself a break. God did.

Are we worth of God’s love, of his sacrifice, of his forgiveness? Do we have a right to say we are not? Do we have a knowledge greater than God’s to know what we are? 373 more words


Mr Bea says no

It’s been a funny weekend. Felt a bit out of sorts in parts and euphoric at others. And wanted to sleep a lot. It sometimes feels as if I have years of missed sleep to catch up on. 1,260 more words