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Guilty Pleasure Ear Candy: Make a Baby by Nicki Minaj


Okay, so I’m totally ignoring the lyrics of this song and I am not proud that I am listening to this song. What made this song skyrocket into my playlist is, of course, the beat and the background music. 49 more words

Release me

For those of us who hold our TV Shows near and dear, saying goodbye can be tough. (There were more tears shed during the BrBa finale than at the end of titanic) Р(Alright, this may be an overstatement…whatevs). 1,388 more words


Guilty Pleasures | 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

What is a guilty pleasure/s of yours?

Animals. Cute and fluffy animals melt me. You probably could have guessed that! When I’m grown up (wait, I’m 18. 98 more words


Guilty Pleasure Thursday

Welcome to another Guilty Pleasure Thursday! Everyone has a guilty pleasure (or two!). Maybe it’s a tv show that you binge watch on Netflix or a yummy treat that you sneak eat after the kids are in bed. 278 more words

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure Corner: Disco Godfather (1979)

Rudy Ray Moore was a real icon of the “blaxploitation” movie scene. He made his name on the club circuit, mixing R&B with blue comedy, his persona of a degenerate debaucher spewing obscene rhyming couplets gaining him a healthy underground following. 875 more words

Good day

I love independent play, it gives me time for guilty pleasures. The phrase of the day is, “Go play with your your toys or we go inside.” Getting through some chapters!

Good Book


One Direction | Midnight Memories

Yes, I know it is 1D but I do really like this song! its my guilty pleasure for this summer!