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Simple Pleasures

When I was a wee lass, my family would make pilgrimages from western New York to the motherland in order to visit the extended Bessette Nation in Lil Rhody during summer and Christmas vacations. 1,100 more words

Bessette Nation

Day 10: Your Guilty Pleasure (Or Pleasures!)

Well, erm, I don’t think I have one of those. What is a guilty pleasure exactly? I’ve heard people say the show Orange Is The New Black is a guity pleasure show they watch. 425 more words


Revisiting IKEA Monkey

I have been in bed sick all day today.

I actually managed to get sick of Netflix. Turns out 7 straight hours is my limit. Who knew? 51 more words

Happy Times

My Guilty Pleasures [Top5]

Are you ready for my 5 guilty pleasures?
I hope so, because I selected 5 songs that I really like.
And I know every word from the lyrics. 23 more words


Guilty Pleasure Films - It's Pat

Hey guys

So guilty pleasure films are I know they are really really bad but still enjoyable. Well this first pick is…

It’s Pat is a film that’s based off the SNL character played by Julia Sweeney. 101 more words



Today a delicious dessert on the menu: Tiramisù! I just love this dessert every time I eat it and that is as long as I can remember. 608 more words


Nobody knows my secret identity.

It hit me yesterday, whilst I was walking along a street in my town.

I was doing that thing where you walk past a shop window and surreptitiously sneak a look at yourself whilst glancing left and right to make sure nobody can see you doing it, and it almost waved at me. 720 more words