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Another Free Guinea Pig

Egg: This is my first long haired girl. I already have a Cadbury and a Creme, so, it is fitting to get an egg into the equation. 69 more words


Our first Easter

Our first Easter just passed. To be very honest, I wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for two strange things. First of all, the human female was off for work also on Monday (yesterday). 323 more words

Guinea Pig

Run Princess Piggy Poo run

Guinea pigs are deceptively fast. They lay like a soft, furry lump so you forget they can bolt. This is why I won’t let Princess Piggy Poo enjoy the California sunshine. 166 more words

Week 3 on the Urban Farmstead...

I realize that last week, I didn’t do my weekly update until like, Thursday. I was sick. I am still sick now, but at least I am moving again! 380 more words



Clementine was six years old and had a pet guinea pig. It was of a flocculent breed featuring hair that stuck up every which way as if it had just come out of a wind tunnel. 4,611 more words