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Eating in Lima

I love to eat. 

Aside from traveling, my other passion is food. I am a curious eater, which means I tend to go for the strange food people shy away from.  985 more words


A Place Of Remembrance

This place will always mean something to me. It will always remind my heart of love and the times lost. It will always nudge my brain into reliving the past. 661 more words

Creative Writing

Lovable me

(Me meaning Spock, just not to create confusions. :P)

Well, Kirk is competing again trying hard to get his lips into a calendar at the end of this year. 183 more words

Guinea Pig

Adopting Princess Piggy Poo

Recently, I read a book by Nia Vardalos called Instant Mom. She tells about her journey to becoming a mother. After years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, she went the route of adoption. 203 more words

The Dude Ranch | Alfalfa’s Adventures | Stacy's Funny Farm

It isn’t always all about Dobby. He has co-pets, though the guinea pigs aren’t his favorites. They do compete for attention, and they eat a lot of lettuce that Dobby would rather keep for himself. 47 more words

Dobbye News

(((hugs))) Jeremy a bit tighter...

I really don’t understand people sometimes. I just don’t…

LGBTQ Youths with Unsupportive Parents Sound Off Anonymously with Whisper App

And… it’s my 44th birthday. First thing that happened was I went to feed the guinea pigs and found our smallest and shy one dead on the cage. 50 more words


Mister Man Monday

Mummy always calls me Mister Man and for a long time hoomans in our family have been confused as to why. The truth is; I’m pretty sure I’m hooman. 99 more words

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