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Dominance Behavior In Guinea Pigs

Hi everyone! This post is about all dominant behavior in guinea pigs. You may notice them.

Scent marking, rumble strutting, and showing who’s boss

Guinea pigs don’t spray the cage with Chanel No.5 to show who’s boss. 406 more words

Guinea Pigs

Help! My Piggies Bite Me!

We all know that every pet can bite. Dogs, hamsters, cats, etc. Even our sweet pigs!

Even the sweetest piggie can bite. Don’t expect a 100% perfect, bite-free, flawless relationship with your pet. 418 more words

Guinea Pigs

What I've Been Up To - Weekly Digest 3

So I’ve definitely been doing enough to keep myself away from social media–which is why I tend to forget to update this every day. Most of my efforts have been going towards raising awareness about the state of Palestine. 100 more words

Weekly Digest

Germinating Pumpkins!

Well… The awesome pictures that I got from the installation of PRS nutrient probes (more on these later) and nutrient sampling with my interns Karyn and Bella went into the digital netherworld when I broke my phone, as did the pictures of pumpkin planting day. 155 more words


My Guinea Pig Has Saggy Boobs

I am extremely forgetful so was unaware of the frail guinea pig Jasmine had become. Back when she was a baby pup, my sister and I would ‘examine’ both her and her late sister to make sure they were prim and proper. 134 more words


Self-Made Piggy Pad!

Today I made this piggy pad for my piggies. :)

Guinea Pigs