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Scorched cinnamon.

22. Dark Harvest – Norman Partridge

Carrie for the Pumpkinhead set. It’s not an epistolary work and it’s taking elements from The Long Walk and “The Lottery” as well (of course, Carrie also had that incident with the rocks); but, for the most part the shifting perspectives, the matter of fact tone, the destruction of homes and businesses, and especially the “we’re ending this shit tonight” element of The October Boy’s journey through the town were very reminiscent of Carrie. 328 more words

Guinea Pigs

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween — the most wonderful day of the year, in my opinion. I’m busy hosting a party and cleaning guinea pig cages today, so I don’t have much time for writing. 173 more words


Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!

‘Oh dear, I’ve run out of eye of potato, will fillet of fennel do instead?’

‘Humph!  This pumpkin isn’t edible!’

Guinea Pig

New Guinea Pig Diet

Part of designing sustainable agricultural food systems is to test out the best ways to raise your livestock for the least amount of money. I have pellets freely available for trace minerals, as they are balanced. 209 more words


Yes, This IS What You Think It Is.

A Guinea Peg Sundae. With a cherry on top.

“Cadbury says, ‘Can I wear my Halloween costume early? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?’ She is either going as a delicious hot fudge sundae, or she is dressed as ‘Most Patient Guinea Peeg ever.’ Either way she’s so Cute I could eat her up,” writes Karen W.

Hey Wooster, Ya Wanna Make A Run For The Border?

I mean, before ya head out for Halloween. Burrito, taco, what works for ya?

“This is Wooster (from Jeeves & Wooster.) -Jade T. and Brandon S. 26 more words

Bailey -N- Bella Go BOO!

Looks like two Peegs in particular are already geared up for the Big Night this Friday. “Here are some pictures I took of my friend Katrina’s piggies, Bailey and Bella, getting in the Halloween spirit! 21 more words