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Petting the [Guinea] Pigs

Our Saturday family outing last weekend was suggested by Dan and was a huge hit with Vivian: We took her to Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano (right behind our wedding venue). 236 more words


At the Mountains of Merricat

  1. The Basement Office – Evelyn Sabbag

Whenever contemplating winning the lottery, one of the first things I think about is always how I would set up my studio – my brightly lit, above ground studio. 225 more words

Guinea Pigs

Four New Babies!

Well, after my horrible error giving guinea pigs cold water in the morning (which gave them hypothermia), I haven’t lost a single pig. Even though the temps have been brutally cold, everyone is doing quite well. 58 more words


nice fall afternoons

i know i always post pictures of my piggies outside, but i just love seeing them happy and exploring, and how cute they look eating everything around them! 263 more words


We have guinea pigs.

Reese and McCoy are our boys. They are six, which is kind of old for a guinea pig! But they’re healthy and cute and probably eat better than we do. 248 more words

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My gorgeous guinea pigs

The girls have now claimed the leopard print dressing gown and like me to make it into a nest so they can sit on the desk next to me as I work. 206 more words


Piggy Update 1: Bobbie, Sneb, and Theodore,

Hello everyone!

I have decided to do some Piggy Updates to keep you notified about my trio of lovelies. Plus, an extra, but I’m writing ’bout that later… 154 more words

Guinea Pigs