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Roll up, roll up, get your Parsley Pig Christmas cards!

Hey Two Feet!
Okay – It’s September, it’s, well, closer to this Christmas than the last one…..so…. on your marks; get set; GET YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS BOUGHT NOW!!! 179 more words

Poor Fluffy

So, apparently Reba was actually Ron!!! Did I bother checking?!? No, I don’t know why I didn’t, but every other person on craigslist was correct on guinea pig sex… … 131 more words


Smile for Sunshine

Someone said there would be sunshine today. It looks pretty grey at the moment but whee are keeping out paws firmly crossed. Mummy said that seeing the sunshine makes her smile so whee wondered if it would work the other way round . 45 more words

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Happy Birthday Princess Piggy Poo

More like Happy Birth Month Princess Piggy Poo, since I’m not sure which day she was born. But because I was told Princess Piggy Poo was four weeks old when I adopted her in middle October three years ago, it seems middle September would be the time to celebrate. 212 more words

Charcoal has returned!

Well, I was out doing some agility work with my dogs, and I see a black Guinea pig hanging out on the other side of the fence, hanging out and munching on grass. 60 more words


Snuggly Sunday - Meet Blue

Whee are pleased to introduce to you Blue!

Mummy just made friends with him in the garden after she spotted him at breakfast. Now she is posting this with him snuggling on her lap out there. 50 more words

Piggy Blogs

What am I doing this Friday night?

After the one voice lesson I taught this morning (so fun!) I worked a long afternoon at the vet. Met a ginger guinea pig named Ron Weasley and a pot bellied pig, it rained, and I went grocery shopping. 142 more words