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My Guinea Pig Has Saggy Boobs

I am extremely forgetful so was unaware of the frail guinea pig Jasmine had become. Back when she was a baby pup, my sister and I would ‘examine’ both her and her late sister to make sure they were prim and proper. 134 more words


Self-Made Piggy Pad!

Today I made this piggy pad for my piggies. :)

Guinea Pigs

Potty trained Piggies

Hi everybody,

Have you ever had the problem of piggies that seem not to be potty trained? I admit it isn’t pleasant when you’re watching TV and you have your guinea pig on your lap and he wees on you? 97 more words

Guinea Pigs

Mister Man Monday

Mummy always calls me Mister Man and for a long time hoomans in our family have been confused as to why. The truth is; I’m pretty sure I’m hooman. 99 more words

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Buttercup Update!

Buttercup seems to be doing a lot better. Her hair isn’t falling out anymore.  And she started eating on her own. After a failed attempt to feed her with the syringe the vet gave me. 166 more words

Guinea Pigs

Settling In Sunday

So whee are finally settling into our new Hutch and loving it! Here is me enjoying the sunshine :)

Whee will hopefully find a new normal soon and get a posting routine running once again!

Happy Sunday efurryone



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