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Hunkered Down On A Cold Winter's Night

“Here is my guinea pig Louie, all dressed up warm for the holidays. I hope you find him as cute as I do! I took the photo myself, and my name is Bethany!”

Bath Day

It’s easier and more fun to bathe the guinea pigs when you have a volunteer to help. Still, there is quite a bit of equipment to round up, the kitchen has to be cleared, and you have to have a plan for getting them all wet and then dry efficiently. 584 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm

Cuddles with the Piggies

Just look at them…SO CUTE. It was time to clean the cage today, so my hubby gave them a little cuddle whilst I did the dirty work. 121 more words



Well,  I predicted that she was close, I was right! Valka delivered two healthy babies around 2 pm yesterday afternoon. There were signs of a third that was stillborn/unformed but we are just thankful that Valka is safe and healthy. 154 more words

Guinea Pig

Creme Finally Popped!

I thought she was going to have babies last week, as she was SO BIG and eggplant shaped. But, she turned out to have four lovely little baby piggies of varying color schemes, which is awesome considering her grey coloration. 75 more words


Nelson: guinea pigs & wine tasting

Days 85-87 Nelson

Just a short (1.5 hours) journey from Picton ferry terminal is the city of Nelson. My dad has cousins here & although I’ve never met them before, they kindly invited me to stay so I hopped off my bus for 3 days & this is what I discovered… 362 more words

New Zealand


Bursting at the seems, but no babies yet! I think she likes being in the living room, she’s taken to sitting on her haunches and peering out the bars at us. 27 more words

Guinea Pig