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Guinea Pigs Don’t Climb or Jump

When I was a young girl, my parents finally gave in to my begging and let me have a guinea pig.  Her name was Sugar.  I played with her, brought her lettuce, and cleaned her cage every day.  818 more words

Guinea Pigs

Last Set of Guinea Pig Babies: Cassius

Well, this morning I moved Alchymyst to a temporary cage with a nesting box, as her and Magician were hormonal as all get out! While I was out, I got some hay for the front guinea pigs, and saw Cassius pull out her last new pup! 164 more words


Why are there never enough cages?

I leave on Saturday morning at 7 AM to go to Long Beach, CA for the Soil Science Society for America meeting (so excited, many things that I planned and did for this years meeting). 201 more words


Lost My First Guinea Pig in Labor

Last night, I noticed that Albie was in labor. Her back was hunched and she was grunting. Usually, labor takes an hour maximum. Three hours later, she was still in labor. 127 more words


Acts of Jealousy in a Controlled and Watchful Environment

Quench the fire, douse the flame
Let it last no more this plain.

For Fire frees the lost with light
Douse the flame, the fire, the fight. 27 more words

Free Writes

Cavy Costume Contest

Since this week’s post will land on Halloween, I wanted to try to do something special. I know many of you, on one occasion or another, have dressed up your cavies for Halloween. 39 more words