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Guinea Pigs?! :)

Thought of The Night:

More research is needed off course, however, I hereby advise researches to be done in the Middle East for our lack of motivation :)) – who wants to be a guinea pig?? 15 more words


Noah's Nose Knows

My nose is a furry thing of beauty according to my hooman. She often says “look at your ickle nosey” (Hey, I never said she was sensible!) 189 more words

Piggy Blogs

Make Them Welcome Monday

Well whee have heard that two of our readers have recently brought home or will be bringing home some new little piggies this wheek. So whee wanted to give some advice and tips on how to settle shy new piggies. 504 more words

Piggy Blogs

Starting on the Free Range: Guinea Pigs that is.

So, last week after getting a female guinea pig at our livestock auction, I did some research and decided that they would be an amazing animal to free range, as they require very little food. 535 more words


A quarter of a century

So this week I was mostly thinking about how great it would be to not exist. Despondent would be an understatement to describe how I felt. 322 more words

Silent Sunday - Feed Me



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Piggy Blogs

Staying Safe Saturday

Basil: Now I love my garden time as much as the next piggy and I’m not easily scared but I’m sure that pair of magpies want to eat me! 357 more words

Piggy Blogs