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#1 The Day the Pigs Arrived

I was not expecting to become the carer of two guinea pigs but life has a way of surprising everyone I guess!  I have decided to embrace the experience and how better to do that than to share the ups, the downs and the squeaks. 44 more words


Not Quite Grown Sows: Part 2

As promised, here is the second installment of the juvenile sows that I got from VA.

I think this is all of the sows I got… 29 more words


Ali Beer 35/365

If my husband had married Ali, he would have suggested that they keep her surname, I know he would.

Ali rings me on the mobile as her phone is free after 7. 518 more words


Not Quite Grown Sows: Part 1

In order to be ready to breed, a sow has to be 1.3 lbs. I got several of them that are coming up as replacement stock. 44 more words


Mine Mine Mine Monday

For awhile now the hoomans have been under the mistaken impression that the sofa belongs to them. Then yesterday they got a super soft and snuggly throw to put on it and I decided there was no better time to make them understand. 204 more words

Piggy Blogs

New Guinea Pig Sows

This past weekend, I drove up to VA to get some breeding pigs from one of my fellow Homesteading Today meat Guinea pig raisers. She was selling out her stock and rabbits to repair her house. 102 more words


The Guinea Pig's have arrived!

Well on Monday we drove into Brisbane city to the Airport and picked up 3 of our Guinea Pigs. They had been staying in a Guinea Pig rehousing place and being well taken care of. 128 more words