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Gingerness 015

Don’t Be Hatin’ … the beatin’ my sister be givin’ me. Look at it. She tore up my face. Gave me a black eye and destroyed the other, terrible, BUT made it look sexy. 150 more words

Antisocial Gaming

My brother recently got Titanfall which means that I got to go a few rounds at it. That game is fun. It’s also unique in that there’s no traditional single player mode; the only way to play is competitive online multiplayer. 652 more words

D-Pad Hero

I actually finished making this cart awhile ago, but I only just recently put together the video for it. If it looks like the game is hard, it’s not. 26 more words


Top 5 Tuesday: Video Game Songs

Video games have been established for years as a medium capable of being considered an art form. Much like films, they can give a lot of credit to their soundtracks for adding emotion to what you experience apart from the visuals, dialogue, and sound effects. 356 more words


It's time for some band practice

Guitar Hero is one of those games where if you like the song, you can play it over and over again without noticing that hours have passed; however, if you find yourself trapped in a virtual stadium playing a song you don’t like… worst… time… EVER. 922 more words

Guitar Hero

What is So Special About Guitar Hero?

Can an individual kindly inform me what is so unique concerning Guitar Hero? I was mingling about in Target over the weekend at two different areas and at both shops, I saw individuals acquiring Guitar Hero. 22 more words


GREAT DEALS OF VIDEO GAME wish to carry you to a “magical
place,” or take you on an “remarkable
experience.” But “Guitar Hero” turns you into somebody who stones. 21 more words