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10 Franchises That Would Benefit From 8-Player Local Multiplayer

Inspired by 8-player Smash from Nintendo’s darling franchise, we look at 10 other franchises that could benefit from the 8-player treatment.

Assassin's Creed and the Perils of Annualisation

It is no secret that in this modern economy, franchises are often necessary to the ultimate profit of larger developers. More and more, when a new intellectual property is introduced, it is done so with the understanding that it is the first in a series – unless, of course, it flops, in which case the studio responsible will likely close its doors. 493 more words


Special Report: the fall of Music games

So last week I explored the meteoric rise of rhythm/music games like “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band.” Today, I will explore their dramatic fall from grace. 579 more words


Gutar Hero

Gutar hero is well was the most fun game to play. It was like a hand held Dance dance Revolution. The game is for hard rockers and old people alike. 159 more words

FREHLEY, deep "Space Invader"

It’s been a while since I chimed in but sometimes life can slow down even the most deluded KISS Army members. I have now fully digested Ace’s… 576 more words


Andy James 'The Shredders from Norfolk'

Yeayyy… balik lagi dah saya..

Kali ini mau sedikit ngulik salah satu gitaris virtuoso asal inggris.. Yah, mungkin nama-nama gitaris seperti Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Angelo Batio sampai Yngwie Malmsteen pastinya temen-temen udah pada familiar. 219 more words