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Smells like Generation Z

It’s been 20 years since Nirvana’s enduring grunge anthem “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came out. I consider myself lucky to have been just barely old enough to listen, appreciate and (hopefully?) understand Kurt Cobain’s musical genius in real-time. 142 more words

Marlo M/c

Mis 10 mejores comerciales de videojuegos

Desde los primeros anyos que salio el Xbox 360 me llamaron la atencion de los comerciales de videojuegos. Aunque algo que saco muy de moda Apple con su campana para su ipod de usar bandas indie. 922 more words

The Definitive Guide to Guitar Moves Part 2

OK, so now you’ve got your stance and strap length down, it’s time for some moves.  Let’s start with the classics:


Keith Richards compares being a band that’s playing really well to flying.  199 more words

Playing In A Band That No One's Heard Of

The Definitive Guide to Guitar Moves Part 1

What are guitar moves?  They’re things you do on stage to make your show more exciting.  In this case while holding a guitar.

There are two basic secrets that I will share from you.  401 more words

Playing In A Band That No One's Heard Of

Guitar Hero, the Emergency Nichrome song.

So, today I had to improvise a tool to make 45 cuts at a time (for the sake of efficency) in 30 foam bars, so they could be divided and glued to cardboard to make board carriers for 3600 boards. 305 more words

Guitar hero Tony MacAlpine praises the phrasing of George Lynch


It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new hard-rock guitar wizard riffing out in your face. 816 more words