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由于主机游戏正在失去一部分观众,DFC Intelligence互联网数据研究资讯中心修改了其全球预测报告。今年年初,研究机构DFC Intelligence预测,全球软件市场到2018年将赠长到1兆美金。然而,本周,DFC告知Xsolla,由于主机市场的变化,他们正在修改这一份预测报告。尽管全球软件收入(网络加上零售店)仍然在2018年将接近1兆美金,但是在2019年的行业将走下坡路。 34 more words


Guitar Hero & Loss of Community in America

If you are in your 20’s you probably can think back to a time with ten or so friends in one room, all watching two people duke it out over a Guitar Hero song. 757 more words

Personal Thoughts

Song of the week

This weeks song is called Remember a day from Pink Floyd.

Why I like this because it will always take me back to childhood. When indeed time, was a dimension apart, and seemed to be on our side. 195 more words


GTP Adventures- Guitar Hero frets in your eyes

A stimulus in one sensory modality (e.g., auditory) triggered perceiving video game elements in another sensory modality (in this case, visual). These cross-sensorial associations can be understood as “artificial synaesthesia” or induced synaesthesia. 9 more words

GTP Cartoons

The Open Strings Song

This track by our guitar hero Gianluca Genova is going to shake up the world of rock. It is specially recommended for shredders :) More… 13 more words


The Alluring Danger Of Dilettantism

I’ve been puzzled by the popularity of the game Guitar Hero, for what seems to me like obvious reasons. It’s like karaoke minus the trouble of having to hear the sounds you make. 516 more words


How I found Music

Rewind several years. It is 2007 and I am 13. My whole life I have been captivated by Marvel Comics but my interest is waning. I need a new source of fulfillment. 253 more words