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Hello Everybody!

Hello and welcome to the PostModernGuitarist blog!

Here we will be discussing a variety of things from theory and compositional tips to technique and effective practice habits. 172 more words


Lesson 1: Barre Chords / CAGED System


A barre chord is a way of playing chords up the neck using the technique “barring”, to press down multiple strings with one finger. Barre chords are sometimes necessary to play chords in certain keys without a capo, they are also useful for learning songs quickly and songwriting. 279 more words

Guitar Lessons

Best Guitar Pick

Is there a best guitar pick? With material like plastic, metal, carbon fiber, and turtle shell, you can not really choose a best guitar pick. What I have found is that hard picks are perfect for picking, medium picks are like a hybrid, which can be used for picking and strumming, and thin picks are only good for strumming. 52 more words


How to Tell if You are Playing Bar-chords Right

As a self-taught guitar player, I would play bar-chords without knowing if they sounded right. First, you really need a guitar that is playable. What I mean by “playable” a guitar that has a nice low action. 73 more words


An Egg-cellent Offer!

Just a quick post about the unique deal we at Bruce Music are offering this Easter.

Every new student booking a Guitar Lesson with one of our… 100 more words


Are You Trapped by 12 Bars?

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems we often get stuck in the mindset of putting songs into sets of 8 or 12 bars.  There is an evenness to music, but it doesn’t necessarily translate over into the number of bars.   114 more words

Why I Love Guitar

Playing guitar is a hobby that I do all the time. I can express myself so easily, just by my chord arrangements. When I am feeling happy and just joyous, I play a song that is up beat and makes me dance around. 77 more words