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A review of RED Herrings 5 x string bass tone-bones

Ants H-the lucky purchaser of these custom built tone-bones.. is a very experienced bass player currently playing in a latin band but also a blues and a reggae & Irish/gaelic bands… 390 more words


The “Lucious Lucy custom RED herring gat”

MY good lady wife K thinks Lucys guitar wont appeal to a young Australian lady- shes my niece lives down on a beach near Stdney, surfs sings & may have just scored an artists contract with some hip label… 254 more words


Redherring Tone-bone Guitar Pickups

As Im building custom RED Herring Strats currently with either ‘ 50s 60s or 70s custom wound pups & also the signature Gypie Mayo 62 strat single coils-Ive decided  we will look at Strat & the various ways suggested for the set up of the VIBRATO unit & bridge, (mistakenly called a tremolo)-heres some ideas proffered by various “experts” 1,491 more words


Treble Bleed Circuits : Back in the RED HERRING MOD shack!

Improve your tone with simple mods & by using top quality components-we are looking at electronics..key improvements from using American-made Switchcraft switches jacks and CTS pots + Orange Drop/Silver mica/Paper in Oil capacitors and carbon comp or metal film resistors, circuts wire Belden 22 awg silicon coated wire & shielded wire for longer circut runs-harder to prep, & solder outer ground shield though… 120 more words


La Cabronita TELE

As stated in the adverts…she rocks &…

“This incarnation of the Telecaster guitar with a lot more attitude, the Cabronita Telecaster® guitar rocks a highly distinctive take on a classic design and spits out fiery, full-voiced Tele® tone from two sharp new Fideli’Tron™ … 92 more words

Guitar Pickups

Filter-hystronics pick-ups: Built for my best buddy in NZ

Hes  nearly  ready to ship-single selector switch & master Vol-that’s it a plain & sweet stripped down /mean but elegant

Ive named it the Tele Cabronita “Clupeidae”…which is the RED Herring Family  of fishes name… 65 more words