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Eric Hendrix

Just got introduced to this guitarist (Thanks Ed) what a nice interpretation of a Hendrix classic, and on a right handed guitar played lefty (strings upside down) I looks weird to me, but whatever works i guess and it definitely works for Eric Gales. Good on ya!


Safe Haven

For me, playing guitar has always been a safe haven. When it’s just me and my guitar, I create a whole other world. In this world, I lose myself in melodies and chords and experience “flow”. 381 more words

First Act VE591 Single Cutaway Electric Guitar with V-Stack Preamp

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sort of selfie

Are these not the dumbest pictures

It’s me, my favorite hoodie, Joan Holloway and horrendous looking nails(but in a snappy color! Valentine by Revlon).

I looked for related images in my photos that included me but didn’t show my face or any people & things I’m careful to keep off WordPress. 8 more words

[FEATURE] A stringy morning with Az

On August 1st, an acoustic guitar masterclass was held in the Recital Hall by Az Samad, who is a guitarist, composer and educator with plenty of experience under his belt. 838 more words


Simple Chord Substitutions Minor-Major Parallel

You are working on a song and strumming away. Lets say C goes to F goes to A min goes to G. While it all sounds good, at the same time it sounds a bit familiar. 353 more words