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Carry A Big Stick

I was perusing an old Ibanez catalogue when I realized that my taste in guitars have dramatically changed over the years. I’d like to think of it as being more refined. 122 more words


Stunning Sonic Blue Telecaster


A custom made modern sonic blue Telecaster. The idea was a very bright sounding Tele that screams and bites, with traditional features and a bit more modern feel to it (hence the higher frets and modern headstock). 61 more words



The fuzz-filled drone-rock of Learner Dancer‘s Radiation Chile is today’s sprawling #onegoodthing.

With psych-rock nods to the sonic world occupied by the likes of… 30 more words


Ivan Pomareda: Five Hundred Bucks

Ivan Pomareda built his first guitar as an experiment when he was still in high school. He says that at the time, he considered the experiment a success. 268 more words

Ivan Pomareda

Asylums - I've Seen Your Face In A Music Magazine

You won’t have even had time to move your mouse off of the ‘play’ icon before Asylums start to blow you away. With guitar riffs that could have comfortably made the cut for any Foo Fighters album, there’s a rough and ready attitude to these lads that makes them everything I love about music. 134 more words


Daisy Victoria - Blue Arc

I was planning to wait and get a full EP review up on site soon, however, there’s just something so alluring about Daisy Victoria‘s sound that I’ve had to bypass all the rules and scheduling to say a few words about ‘ 201 more words


BREEZE - Post Youth

Lo-fi rock has become such a huge market at the moment, bands like Royal Blood seem to be selling plenty of records by continuing a musical tradition that has filled pubs and small venues for years. 207 more words