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I Forget Where We Were

It’s an album that definitely take’s its time – with the majority of the songs spanning over the radio-friendly 3 mins and 30 seconds.

Back in 2011, we’d have all been reminding ourselves that it’s ‘Only Love’ and to ‘Keep Our Heads Up’, this time things have taken a slightly darker turn. 91 more words

Nash S-57

Freshly delivered : a Nash S-57, ash body, in cream. This one is a customer order, so it is gone …


Assignment 3 (Listening)

David First – Queen Siesta

This was a very odd piece that had such subtle, slow moving textures, it was necessary to pay very close attention to it to understand at all what was happening. 296 more words

Assignment 2 (Listening)

Glenn Branca – Symphony No. 1

I felt this piece was generally very effective in bringing the guitar into the context of a symphony.The drum kit however, particularly in the first movement seems to take the piece out of the musical world of the symphony and instead brought with it all the musical expectations of rock music. 377 more words

Guys with guitars

Happy Sunday

This last one is a recent find thanks to my mental Yorkshire flatmate/work colleague/best friend. Just all of it. Incredible.


The Gift Of "Time"

“I like to give gifts that are hand made, and because I’m a notoriously cheap person, it’s a good thing I’ve got a little wood shop! 24 more words