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Glacial water is brownish, since it carries lots of sediments that the glacial ice has carved off the earth. Gullfoss is called the “Golden Falls”, since on a sunny day the water plunging down the three step staircase and then tumbeling in two steps down into the 32 m deep crevice truly looks golden.



Iceland, 2014. 1. 28~29, 지구탐험대

아이슬란드로 여행을 오면서도, 이곳에서 빙하를 볼 수 있다는 생각은 안했었다. 그저 막연히 오로라를 볼 수 있는 이상한 음악가들(Sigur Ros…?)이 사는 땅을 밟아 보고 싶었을 뿐이었다. 호텔에 도착해서 우리가 여기서 뭘 하면 좋을지 물어보니 아주 친절하게도 코스를 짜줬다. 30 more words



I was very excited about visiting Iceland.  It is a geological wonderland.  The funny thing is that we arrived during a heat wave.  It was 70 degrees during the day and the people who live there having problems.   1,010 more words


Happily Stranded on Iceland

On my last attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean around midsummer, the employees at the airline company I was supposed to fly with decided it was time to strike for better working conditions. 182 more words


"Final Fantasy X": The Farplane~(Gullfoss Waterfall, s. Iceland)


This is the farplane in FFX (not the best quality, sorry)


THIS, below, is Gullfoss. It is, perhaps, the most famous waterfall in Iceland. 36 more words