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Ick Factor

Used gum is Icky … yes? … Yes!

Yes it is.

But I admit I had a bit of a fascination with it a while back. 285 more words



In spite of my wariness of metaphor, I thought Gum was beautifully written.  It spoke so well of desire and expectation, of lies and truths.  However, Karen Hartman’s play ahistoricizes the issue of clitorectomy, which I think is terribly irresponsible and erasing of entire cultures, lives, and ways of being.   189 more words


Queen Victoria of Crankiness

….And we are back! Its that time again that Victoria is teething. Really. But this time there is something showing up on her lower gum. After I wash my hands, I feel around on her lower gum and I believe I felt a small bump….I wasn’t sure. 330 more words


Chewing on a brand new piece of ABC gum?

As I threw a brand new stick of my fav Orbitz cinnamon gum into my mouth, I wore quite the evil grin

The pack had been laying on my son’s nightstand in his bedroom when I picked up some empty dishes a week ago… 211 more words

Gum Numb

About a week ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed, which involved a small surgery and sedation, all that shit. Since that day, my mouth has felt terrible. 501 more words

Data Portrait

I chose to use saliva as the data source for my self portrait. Saliva contains genetic data about an individual that can be used to determine one’s health conditions. 80 more words