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oh, you evil thing. every year, it is “can we build a gingerbread house?”  whose idea was this, to bring this bane of existence into households everywhere.   217 more words

Adventures with Gumdrop "Fruit" Cake for Christmas

Last weekend I undertook the baking project of making a GUMDROP FRUIT CAKE. I have so much to tell about this experience, I don’t even know where to begin. 779 more words


Lifesize Gingerbread House

Forget the graham cracker and frosting gingerbread houses that we all grew up making as a child. And the train set gingerbread kits that we’ve been buying year after year from the grocery store. 181 more words


The Holidays in SF: Holiday Hotel Bar Bar Crawl Edition

Adjusting to the “holidays” in California is downright weird. On the East Coast, the holiday season means the weather turning colder, runny noses, wearing an absurd number of layers and relishing in that warm and cozy feeling one feels upon entering a building after braving the cold. 498 more words



Sunrise on the great wall is an amazing event. This was taken just before 7am with a tripod because there was not enough light for a handheld shot. 51 more words


The Dreamer

The Dreamer

We met in someone else’s dream,
bit players
in a dance through ever changing landscapes.
Our eyes met
when The Dreamer wasn’t looking. 217 more words