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Yeah ... I have some pretty Kinky Thoughts at times.

Falling in Love, starting a Family .. grinning profusely at the false face of Destiny (the destination is happening//your consciousness and will are not void to ‘inevitability’). 888 more words

Gratitude Saturday

The puppies let me sleep till 7, amazing!

I am grateful today for a good night’s sleep, sweet puppies, good eggs and sausage for breakfast (might have to share some with my good dogs), a day to get things done. 79 more words


What is gumption & where do you get it?

I would like to talk about something today, that some people may not want to hear.  Before you stop reading all together, it does not have anything to do with blood, guts, or anything you might have to squint your eyes, just to look at it.  925 more words


The Blog Series

Thoughts in writing have long been on hiatus. Hands have been itching to type the words that could make my heart seem to skip a beat. 117 more words


Go Get 'Em

When I was a kid, I was labeled “not sporty.” I was also never described as “adventurous,” that I can recall. Ideas of sporty and adventurous in my culture were limited to things like basketball and Lewis and Clark. 1,455 more words

The Writing Life