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Change your socks

It was a rule I had learned my first year working in the Forest Service—when exhausted and feeling sorry for yourself, at least change your socks.

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Fragile Liberation

For the past week I have been sitting here with a blank window open on my laptop, trying to figure out how to put into words exactly what is going through my mind these days. 271 more words

G - Gumption

It takes a lot

to walk on the moon.

Good-bye-ing. And packing.

Don’t forget your spoon!

Sometimes, though, it’s inevitable:

leaving home and the familiar.

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Gumption: A to Z challenge Day#7

I am in your mind
When you feel the rush to fight
Standing against odds


I am in your feet
When you make the jump to fall… 33 more words

A To Z Challenge

Rosa Parks: "All I was doing was trying to get home from work."

I just love the matter of fact-ness of this quote. She hadn’t woken up that morning thinking, “Today I shall ignite a movement that will change the face of the US.” On that December 1st day, instead, she went to work, going about her day as usual. 259 more words

When There Was Nothing...

The Apollo Moment

“Some people were never content to huddle in protective little clumps along the East Coast, but pushed westward as boldly as circumstances permitted. When horizontal exploration met its limits, it was time to try the vertical.” 1,088 more words

Eating Baby Carrots for Love and I Didn’t Even Get Good Vision …

Well, I’ve come to a decision. I like Hot Bartender. A lot. He’s got abnormally sharp canine teeth (top AND bottom people) and I am obsessed with them. 947 more words