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How Limited Edition Scarves Fit Into Ryan Leslie's Plans To Take His Music Straight To Fans

In the recent debates about how the business model for musicians and other creative artists is changing, one of the commonly repeated ideas is that you no longer have to reach a mass audience in order to make money — instead, you just need a small group of devoted fans. 535 more words



It might come out as a surprise to all of you but the digital version of my first comic Young Machines will come out THIS SATURDAY via Gumroad! 63 more words


E-nough e-formatting!

I do rather envy Jane Austen, you know.  When she was writing “P&P” and all the others, she simply sat in a sunny room in Hampshire and filled pages of parchment with lovely curly writing, then sent it off to London and someone turned it into books.   185 more words

Pillow Talk (part three) Available!

And now the THIRD scene of Pillow Talk is available to download on Gumroad!

Pillow Talk (part three)

Cover art by Tiahnan Trent.


Gumroad Launches An iPhone App With Which Users Can Access Their Digital Content

Gumroad, the Kleiner Perkins-backed startup that allows creators to sell digital goods, is launching its first iPhone app today.

However, the app doesn’t actually do what Gumroad is known for — you can’t open it and buy a book, or an album, or what have you. 391 more words