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Gumshoe is a super cool vintage detective game, here in mint condition, opened but hardly played, and complete. The game is for sale.


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Mint Condition

Diceless GMing in Gumshoe

A few weeks back I started running a short Gaean Reach campaign.  I’m still playing in a friend’s second Trail of Cthulhu game, and have previously run a… 2,179 more words

Night's Black Agents

Pure Gold: The Case of The Mayor's Wife by Theodore P. Bruch

I have been struggling with this review for two days. In the world of Indie reviews, especially when we are reviewing books written by authors who are struggling to sell their work just as we are, it is important that we are objective, not honest. 764 more words

Book Review

161. License and Registration

When an amateur private investigator attempts to locate the owner of an long-unused car, she discovers the owner is the victim of a suspicious unsolved murder and sets to work to unravel the mysterious case.


Skills as Resources - the Genius of GUMSHOE

The GUMSHOE system, as designed by Robin D. Laws and used in a number of RPGs, Trail of Cthulhu and Mutant City Blues being but two, has been widely praised for turning the standard approach of how role-playing game systems dealt with the issue of clues and information on its head. 1,210 more words