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Everytown ‘gun violence against women' video makes great case for armed defense

This is from The Examiner.

Even though Everytown for Gun Safety has made a great video showing the need for women to be armed.

A video posted Monday… 658 more words

"Every Town for Gun Safety" is right: Every women should buy a gun and learn to use it safely!

“Although the latest Everytown for Gun Safety ad was intended to encourage viewers to ask senators to support gun control, many are speculating that it could very well cause more women to go to the gun store.”  click here

Gun Control

Stunner on The View: You Want to Protect Yourself Ladies? 'Get a Gun in Your Home!'

This is from NewsBusters.

Something really remarkable happened on Tuesday’s edition of The View. Three out of the four panelists actually came out strongly in favor of a woman’s right to protect herself and her children with a gun! 999 more words

Abusers Should Not Have Guns, and Gun Owners Should Agree

As the gun debate continues, Congress finally held a hearing over the link between domestic violence and gun-related homicide.  Everyone, including gun owners, should naturally support efforts to protect abuse victims, but that sadly has not been the case.   663 more words

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Stealing is No Good: Taking Something is Not Right

Stealing is No Good…

Words that sound alike but do not look alike are called homophones, and include steel and steal.

When someone thinks of steel, the typical thought is of a very strong metal of a grayish or bluish color, used for industrial purposes such as building construction. 673 more words


Chris Christie in the Lead Again!

According to this RealClearPolitics poll, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination is none other than the Governor of New Jersey [1]. Apparently people forgot about Bridgegate (people have short memories unfortunately) and Christie is back in the lead (where he was a year ago). 641 more words

Son Shoots and Kills Home Invader Who Assaulted His 72 Year Old Mother

Koochiching County, Minnesota – A home invader who assaulted an elderly woman at her home is now dead. The suspect was killed by the woman’s son who was protecting her. 131 more words