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Adoption = Colorblind

Today I’m not in my usual coffee spot, but this scene is a passable substitute. All available: caffeine, a comfy chair and cool conversation. Good enough.   840 more words


Existing Law Works to Perfection in WA

The past few months have seen no shortage of puff pieces for referendum I-594, the “universal background check initiative”, in Washington state. While less egregious than some of the drivel recently published by the Seattle Times, our most recent piece comes from Channel 7 KIRO-TV in Seattle. 777 more words


The Unsavory History of Gun Control

This is from Town Hall Finance.

Gun control always has a brutal ending…

Gun control stats…
1929 – Soviet Union -gun control – from 1929-1953… 20 million dissidents were rounded up and exterminated… 964 more words

Guns n' Violets

When I was a senior in high school –grade 12, age 17, I learned what guns are.

It was English class and we were studying one of my now favorite types of literature: World War One. 1,310 more words



MSNBC never learns..

(Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap)

2nd Amendment

Eric Holder Talks About His Biggest Failure

Monday night Attorney General Eric Holder was on CNN’s ‘The Lead’ and talked about several things.  One thing that struck some as odd, was when he spoke about his biggest failure. 44 more words


Ahhhhhh SO!

Global economics are dynamic. The one thing you must remember is this “global” thing is fairly new. Never before in history has the world been able to communicate so completely as it can today. 1,006 more words