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How The AR-15 Got Sexy

The AR-15 is a household name even if you don’t own one. The weapon has a certain notoriety from violence: in 2011, a Brooklyn man fired an AR-15 on teenagers. 647 more words

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NRA Hipster: Give All Kids a Gun - Brandy Zadrozny 07.23.14

The newest pro-gun propaganda: make firearm education compulsory in schools and create gun-required zones.

National Rifle Association News contributor, Billy “I’m a thinker 284 more words

Is Obfuscation The New Art Of Politics?

As kids we learn at an early age that if we can change the question or the context we stand a chance of hiding the facts.   604 more words

My Thoughts on the USA's curious relationship with guns.

Between the December 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school massacre and the September 2013 Washington Navy Yard shooting there were 16 mass shootings in the USA according to the FBI definition of a mass shooting – 4 or more people killed by the shooter not including the shooter him or herself. 629 more words

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