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November 22nd

This might seem like sort of a lazy cop-out, but hey, it’s Saturday night, this is my blog, and I’d like to take a minute to talk about how ridiculous some of the headlines I’m seeing are. 210 more words


Armed With Knowledge: Children and Guns

Article contributed by Corinne Mosher:

In 2007 my husband and I brought our baby daughter home from the hospital.  Amongst the tidal wave of emotions I experienced during my first few months of motherhood, there was a dawning reality that this child’s survival depended on the lessons I succeeded in, or failed to teach her.  1,065 more words

Fabulous Females

Health Hazards of Second Hand Bullets

You cannot light up in any sort of public building anymore, but you can carry a loaded weapon pretty much anywhere you want, even into a bar in some states. 699 more words

Self Improvement

Guns dont kill people

Man has been killing man since monkey was killing monkey, but this isnt about all that, since the dawn of time and people have been killing each other for various reasons, first with sticks and rocks then with rocks on sticks in the form of a spear, then bow and arrow ancausd so weapons advanced and diversified, but you want to tell me now that i cant own a gun because it encourages crime? 156 more words

State Wildlife Commission rejects petition to ban traditional ammunition

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission rebuffed an effort this week by anti-hunting activists to ban the use of lead ammunition by hunters in the state. 112 more words


Proposed Ohio reforms described as extension of ‘Castle Doctrine’ on self-defense

COLUMBUS — In the few weeks remaining in the legislative session, lawmakers may send Gov. John Kasich a bill eliminating the legal duty of Ohioans to retreat from danger before using deadly force to protect themselves. 197 more words

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