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As Midterms Approach, Showbiz Figures Try to Focus Voters on Gun Laws

While entertainment figures like Martin Sheen and Barbra Streisand have lent their names to support to midterm campaigns, there also has been a showbiz focus on specific issues, like gun violence. 323 more words


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21st century trend: No child is safe

Are yearly school massacres becoming a common trend in America?
How can a nation that claims to be so great, not take charge and fulfill their duties of trying to protect their people, especially young ones at that. 628 more words


Schools Are Starting to Install Gun Detectors

Due to the increasingly startling numbers of schools shootings since the Sandy Hook Shooting in December 2012, (87). Schools have been contacted by private companies to install gun detectors in their school. 195 more words

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"Have a Great Day at School! Don't Get Killed, Honey!"

Am I a lazy parent because I sent my sons to school knowing there’s a decent chance they will be shot and killed, but all I can do is hope for the best? 264 more words


South African Gun Laws.

Many shootings in America created an outcry in which the public urged the US government to address the laws they had on gun ownership. In South Africa, it’s very rare that someone will walk into a movie theatre and open fire on innocent people. 588 more words