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A Brief Defense of My Ageism Ideas

What frustrated me most about my brief jaunt on the topic of ageism was feeling like the only thing people took away from my writing was that I wanted 7-year-olds to be allowed to own guns. 831 more words

Letting go of guns

After writing my last post, I started wondering whether Americans would ever give up their attachment to their second amendment rights. Would they ever let go of their guns? 514 more words


The Broader Picture

Love it or loathe it, the Internet has made the world a smaller place. Instant communication, relatively uncontrolled for many of us, has revolutionised the way we think. 558 more words


New Georgia Laws In Effect

There will be multiple new Georgia laws going into effect today.

July 1 has traditionally served as a big day for major legislation because it is connected to the start of the new fiscal year. 124 more words



Fundamentalism is alive and kicking. How do I know? Well, read or listen to the news.

Fundamentalism is the main motivation for many people and is a sub-function of their “Fear”. 672 more words


Illinois Ranks Low In List Comparing Gun Laws, Gun Ownership And Gun Deaths By State

By Mason Johnson

With Chicago’s hyperbolic reputation when it comes to gun violence, data like this can be perplexing. If this data is right though, Illinois ranks rather low when it comes to gun deaths when compared to other states. 330 more words