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How Safe?

I swear I swore there would be no politics here in this most sacred space ‘o mine.

I lied.

It is small – but it is politics. 115 more words

Stupidity is infectious.

We can’t always make the right decisions all of the time. We are human, thus we tend to slip-up ever so often. Sometimes we do really awkward things, especially when we are impulsive. 193 more words


Langalibalele's Rifles: the Legacy of Colonialism

Article by Peregrine Dace,

Langalibalele, the amaHlubi, and their rifles

When His Majesty Langalibalele, King of the amaHlubi people, was summoned to account before the British Diplomatic Agent, he had good cause for concern. 1,342 more words


The Politics of Guns

The next installment of my updated rationale for gun ownership series is now up at Bearing Arms. It’s titled “A Gun Ownership Primer: Political Realities, Part 1.” 57 more words


Carry Your Darn Gun

Runway behind you. Fuel at the filling station you just passed on the highway. Milk spilled on the floor. Gun in the safe.

Pop Quiz: what do these things have in common? 773 more words


Mencken and Froese on the Sources and Strength of America’s Gun Culture

As I noted in my last post, scholars associated with the 2014 Baylor Religion Survey held a session at the recent annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion unveiling their data. 531 more words


Do we need another firearm amnesty?

Blog reader Paul Ehlers asks (and answers) this pertinent question in his opinion piece. Food for thought in my opinion, and definitely issues overlooked by those who are hysterically clamouring for another unnecessary (yes, I am biased, deal with it) amnesty period. 921 more words