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Senate Debates Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws

JEFFERSON CITY (KMOX/Capitol Bureau) - With only weeks left in the legislative session, senators considered a House-passed bill that would nullify any federal attempt to limit gun ownership in Missouri. 393 more words


Canadian Shooters Rights. -- Edward L. Burlew, L.L.B. Barrister & Solicitor

This volume, published in 2000 by Edward L. Burlew is a very useful guide to wading through the tangled web that is the current state of firearms law in Canada. 518 more words


Erin Smith: A Self-Defense Self-Delusion

This article discusses the topic about the usage of gun violence in the act of self-defense. In the Second Amendment is claimed to be designed to enable armed citizens to resist government tyranny. 174 more words

My Uterus, Your Prostate and Our Taxes

Whenever a government funded program comes about that is set to somehow improve our lives, there are always several very passionate people who spend quite a bit of time letting us know why they should not have to pay for anyone else’s “insert product or service here” because they don’t require help to purchase their “insert comparable service or product” and oh by the way, government should stay out of it anyway. 1,306 more words

St. John's Deemed Safest City For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse Because of High Gun Ownership and Proximity To Military…Ottawa is Near the Middle, While Windsor Is A Death Trap

What will they think of next…….on the lighter side of the news is this article is from the Vancouver Province, thus the Vancouver angle:

Vancouver’s chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse are slightly lower than average among Canadian cities, a new ‘study’ has found. 187 more words

Defence Watch

Juan Williams off his rocker on Libertarianism and gun control

Juan Williams is apparently under the impression that the State taking guns away from everybody is the “libertarian” attitude on gun rights.

Just out of curiosity, Juan, how exactly does the State take our guns away without violating the… 161 more words