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How to foil an armed robbery: DGU of the Day

Tying in with my “Why do you carry a gun?” post from yesterday, a certain forum on the internet was kind enough to post video footage of a Duncanville business owner who successfully fended off a whole gang of armed robbers who were dumb enough to hit his store. 111 more words


Yes, guns do kill people

A 9-year-old Arizona girl has become the poster child for gun-safety reform.

This isn’t a pretty story and it speaks to adult stupidity and carelessness as much as it does to anything else. 355 more words

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Gun Ownership: What the Bible Says

Gun Ownership: What the Bible Says

Weekly Sermon Sunday 24 Auguts, 2014

By Pastor Pete Peters

Christ commanded us to defend ourself. The only people who want to take away our guns are our enemies.

Weekly Sermon

No booze at gun shows

Texas is known as a place that loves gun ownership.

It shouldn’t be known as a place that allows gun buyers to get sauced up on booze before purchasing a firearm at a gun show. 229 more words

Gun Ownership for a better South Africa

In July this year a Witpoortjie mother and her child nearly became hijacking victims. Fortunately for her, an armed member of the public witnessed the event and decided to intervene by displaying his handgun and chasing away the would-be hijackers. 1,161 more words

Prof. Sebastian van As and the Gun Control Lie

Regarding the article in the Cape Argus “The war raging against our kids”, I find the subsequent calls by Prof. Sebastian van As for stricter gun control in light of the tragic deaths of several children at the hands of gangsters and criminals illogical and unreasonable. 523 more words

Total failure of Gun Control in South Africa

In light of recent developments regarding the SAPS supplying firearms to criminals, I think it is accurate to state that gun control in South Africa has finally failed in totality. 612 more words