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Police chief slams UKIP call for handguns to be legalised

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy has hit back at UKIP calls for handguns to be legalised – warning we should be ‘grateful’ Britain lacks a US-style gun culture. 331 more words


A Gun Ownership Primer: Life Changing Realities, Part 3

My latest article in the Gun Ownership Primer series is up at Bearing Arms.  If you haven’t bookmarked Bearing Arms yet, it should be a daily must read in the area of firearms, and not merely because I am published there from time to time, though I hope that might be the case. 82 more words


Firearm Related Death in South Africa is Negligible.

Shocking revelations and ground-breaking exposés don’t often make for pleasant reading. When grounded in fact they generally serve to shake the foundations of, and ultimately destroy in totality, previously held beliefs that are now shown to be in error. 779 more words


Guns and Life-Changing Realities, Part 2

At Bearing Arms, Editor Bob Owens has been kind enough to publish my continuing series on the realities of gun ownership. The most recent article: 51 more words


Gun Ownership: Life-Changing Realities

In my continuing series on the realities and benefits of gun ownership, I try to cover as many of the bases as possible. Being a gun owner goes far beyond which gun to buy and which caliber to prefer. 42 more words


Gun madness

The recent shooting in America raises three points, that I’m sure have been discussed a thousand times before. One being the use of guns, the other being the issue of race, (with reference to the black population in America and perhaps the rest of the world) and the last point, media reporting. 801 more words

American Gun Law

Gun Control Won't Make Mass Shootings Less Likely to Happen, Academic Says

  • Affirmative Argument Week 3

By: Joseph Ng

An article by Christopher Goins titled, “Gun Control Won’t Make Mass Shootings Less Likely to Happen, Academic Says,” contains support from author John Lott who wrote “More Guns, Less Crime,” that debunks common beliefs concerning gun control. 657 more words

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