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I-591: Vote Yes On A Common Sense Gun Initiative

Author’s note: This is the first of a series of posts covering the two Washington State gun initiatives to be decided by voters this fall. Here I consider I-591, the “Protect Our Gun Rights Act”. 1,111 more words

Gun Ownership

Defensive Gun Use Report for June, 2014

For those of you who believe in the right to gun ownership and are not cowed by Left Wing activists who want us disarmed for their own purposes of controlling the citizens of this country, I am pleased to provide a link to a report issued for June of 2014 which addresses many of the cases that you will never see on national news (because they don’t want you to be able to protect yourself). 8 more words

Oscar Pistorius versus Individual Accountability

Stupidity. Overreaction. Missing the point. Losing the plot. Hysteria. I’d say these statements serve as a fairly accurate characterisation of what we have read and heard in the mass media the last few days. 613 more words

Day 13 in a month of writing: A Suburban Mom's Thoughts About Guns

It was a beautiful cool morning, the first chilly September Saturday of the year. My husband was out the door early today with a selection of fire arms. 1,255 more words

Mo. Legislators Pass New Gun Laws

JEFFERSON CITY (KMOX/Capitol Bureau) - Prospective gun owners in Missouri will be able to apply for conceal-and-carry permits at an earlier age after a bill was passed in both the House and Senate. 432 more words


from The Book of Nash: Chapter 30, Verse 06

If I were to go out and buy a Lamborghini Diablo – the GT with the 6 litre V12 -
I could travel two-hundred ten miles per hour, zero to 62 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds…

151 more words
Just Thinking...

Exploring the Connection between Religion and Gun Ownership in the 1970s

After a month-long hiatus in August to string tennis rackets, visit family, and get the fall semester started, I am back to work examining American gun culture. 475 more words