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Four Times more Lies

By Richard Upstanding

Origins of a falsehood

All too often we hear the claim that research shows that you are four times more likely to have your gun stolen from you than to use it in self-defence. 1,115 more words

HuntEx: Stand By

It has been a busy night. After extensive communication between all relevant parties and HuntEx, it has been established that the breach of the agreement was due to a miscommunication between management and a Range Officer. 193 more words

What's The Real Connection Between Violence And Guns? I'm Not Sure.

One of the axioms of the gun control movement, if not the foundation on which the entire movement rests, is the idea that we have a much higher rate of gun violence than other countries because we have a much greater number of privately-owned guns.  630 more words


Compliance does not guarantee safety

Compliance. Such a dirty, dirty word. When somebody has you at gun or knifepoint, we are often told that complying with your assailant’s demands is the way to go. 654 more words

HuntEx and the journey forward

The Cape HuntEx saga has come to an end.

After long, hard, and vigorous negotiations a workable compromise has finally been reached. HuntEx will allow people to EDC unmolested, and they will in turn sign an indemnity form and vow to keep their weapons holstered unless needed for legitimate self-defence reasons. 1,368 more words

I-591: Vote Yes On A Common Sense Gun Initiative

Author’s note: This is the first of a series of posts covering the two Washington State gun initiatives to be decided by voters this fall. Here I consider I-591, the “Protect Our Gun Rights Act”. 1,111 more words

Gun Ownership

Defensive Gun Use Report for June, 2014

For those of you who believe in the right to gun ownership and are not cowed by Left Wing activists who want us disarmed for their own purposes of controlling the citizens of this country, I am pleased to provide a link to a report issued for June of 2014 which addresses many of the cases that you will never see on national news (because they don’t want you to be able to protect yourself). 8 more words