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Protest at the Rally

(Take note: majority of this article incomplete; this is sort of a preview)

“If only we had stricter, common sense background checks and required gun safety measures, this horrific event would never had happened; our children would be alive today,” the gun control activist shouted into the microphone. 364 more words


Snell: Waking the dragon — How Feinstein fiddled while America burned

Friend of mine, Barry Snell, wrote this final column for the Iowa State Daily. It has reached national attention, and is worth a read. His opinion is his own. 4,813 more words


[VIDEO] The Good Guys

Lisa De Pasquale has a great item here, she writes: The recent news of Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers stopping a terrorist at the Canadian Parliament… 116 more words

Self Defense

On the Coming Elections by David E. Petzal

My Fellow Bloggers and Gun Nuts:

In a few days we will have the opportunity to fight down our gag reflexes and cast our ballots for a slightly different set of untalented hicks and hacks than we voted for last time, under the laughable pretext that they will do what is right for the republic and, in the process, solve some of our problems. 367 more words

Gun Rights

How many more shootings and crazies?

Something’s gotta change right?

Let us disregard the liberal belief that guns are the catalysts for mass public shootings in America and the conservative argument that it is clearly our societies endorsement of violent video games and movies. 365 more words