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Windsor Library Changes Policy On Guns

WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4)- The library in Windsor has changed its policy on guns after it was challenged by a gun rights activist group.

The Clearview Library District will change their no firearms policy and signage to comply with state law. 70 more words


Gun Rights Activists Protest Library's Ban On Weapons

WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4)- Gun rights activists gathered outside a library in Windsor to protest the policy that no guns are allowed inside.

The board of the library heard from both sides of the issue. 222 more words


Law Enforcement Lobby Fights to Hold Onto Military Gear

Law enforcement lobbyists are pressing to keep military-style gear and equipment arguing it’s needed for security and protection. The move comes amid calls a demilitarization of police forces after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. 212 more words


What about the child? A gun range, a child, a death.

An unfortunate accident happened at a Nevada shooting range this week. The ongoing media portrayals and subsequent discussions (about the incident) are trending toward issues of guns rights, gun laws, and whether or not children (of various ages) should have access to guns. 281 more words

Children And Guns

I want a flamethrower

There’s a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin asks for a flamethrower. His father answers “Of course not. Don’t be silly.” Isn’t that quaint. Now we… 237 more words


Diary 27th August 2014

Well what a night it has been. I got up quite late. About 7pm. I had asked Mom that she let me know if the Mulligans were to come down to visit. 939 more words