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Another Media Matters attempt to propagandize Thanksgiving dinner put down

If you’re a liberal who wants to help ruin Thanksgiving dinner, Media Matters has you covered:

Don't let right-wing lies ruin your dinner. Our #ThanksgivingSurvivalGuide…

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Fox News: Concerned about some people in Ferguson with guns.

I was tuned into Fox News tonight and the reporter was concerned that some of the people in Ferguson “might” have guns. He went on to say some of them may not be registered. 164 more words


California Attorney General Seeks En Banc Review of Ninth Circuit’s Denial of her Request to Intervene in Peruta Case

Today, November 26, California Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris filed a request for en banc review of the Ninth Circuit’s denial of her request to intervene in the NRA supported case of Peruta v. 199 more words

Anti-gun Asshattery

The Myth of Hitler & Gun Control

*Disclaimer:  Before anyone shouts me down as a gun-control apologist, or a historical revisionist, I want to make it very clear that I’m generally opposed to “gun-control,” and I recognize the benefits of increased security that come with firearm ownership. 1,218 more words

Obama’s DREAMer poster girl portends nightmare for gun owners

“President Obama’s action is personal for me‏,” the subject of a Monday White House distribution list email signed by “Astrid Silva, DREAMer,” declares. “President Obama’s action on immigration offered me the chance to give back — to do right by the law, and contribute to this country that has given me so much. 541 more words

Anti-gun Asshattery