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The Sandy Hook Atrocity (part 2 of 4) 2 years after

The Sandy Hook Atrocity (part 2)

Fact based reporting

by Kenneth Jameson Jr.,

research by Amanda Chen,  edited by Rob  Roman 4,156 more words

Gun Rights

Watch these Elected Portland, OR City Officials AKA: MORONS admit they are Idiots!

These Portland, OR Liberals Know Gun Control!

Leaving Families Defenseless & Wont Stop Crime!

Wasting taxpayer time & money doing nothing but making themselves FEEL GOOD about doing NOTHING! 16 more words

2nd Amendment

Castle Law: Montana's 'stand your ground law'

On trial for murder, is a man in Montana who shot and killed 17-year-old German exchange student Diren Dede in his garage tested a state law that gives a person the right to use force or threaten to use force to protect his or her own home from unlawful entry or attack, particularly a provision known as “stand your ground.” Markus Kaarma unsuccessfully invoked the law in his defense, saying he was protecting his family and property. 239 more words


My Participation in the "I Will Not Comply" Rally Against Gun Control

This last weekend I attended the “I Will Not Comply” Rally in Olympia, Wash in protest of Initiative 594. My column about it for ShallNot.org can be read… 431 more words

Open Carry in Texas?

Open carry may become a reality in Texas sooner that you think. Texas is one of the few states that are gun friendly but do not allow its citizens to openly carry handguns. 228 more words


New Yorkers warned of increase in armed robberies

New Yorkers warned of an increase in armed robberies over the holidays.

That’s reassuring in a city where guns are essentially outlawed!
Wait a sec….. 55 more words

Gun Control