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Have You Ever?

How many lies have you swallowed whole? Have you ever challenged anything people tell you?


It’s time to rethink some things.


Virginia's Tightening U.S. Senate Race

National Review has this piece that talks about Virginia’s NRA Endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate Ed Gillespie:

While Gillespie is focused on selling positive solutions, there is plenty in Warner’s record that should turn off not only conservative voters but also centrists aplenty.

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Gun Rights

Four Times more Lies

By Richard Upstanding

Origins of a falsehood

All too often we hear the claim that research shows that you are four times more likely to have your gun stolen from you than to use it in self-defence. 1,114 more words


Louisiana Restaurant Owner Gives a Discount to Gun Owners

A local restaurant owner in Louisiana will give a 10 percent discount to any customers that show him their guns—and not the arm muscle kind. 133 more words

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Statism vs. Conservatism

Recently it has come to my attention that those within the leftist dominated, mainstream media love to spread the perception that Conservatives love to impose their beliefs on others. 1,303 more words


"Gun Free Zones" In Texas

UPDATE: The section of the US Code (Section 921,   http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/921#9577745468023118216) that defines the federal “gun free zone” does create an unconstitutional 1000 ft bubble around a school. 2,064 more words