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Elephants Addicted to Heroin Now Clean & Tickets to the Gun Show - In The Stupid News

Elephants Addicted to Heroin Now Clean

Four elephants that were addicted to heroin-laced bananas are now clean, after being rescued by a Chinese conservationists. Heroin smugglers used the animals to transport drugs between China and Myanmar. 140 more words


Gun Vendor Charged With Assault

BLOOMSBURG — A vendor at a gun show in Columbia County has been charged with simple assault.

Police say Geoffrey Hawk of the Philadelphia area accidentally shot a woman in the leg… 39 more words



Is it too hot to sleep or am I just too cheap to buy an air conditioner?

A few days ago, I posited, among friends, that I enjoyed reading the decisions of Ruth Bader Ginsberg for their subtlety, general clarity of thought, and sensitivity-without-being-emotional-ness. 25 more words


Why Gun Shows Don't Allow Loaded Guns

More than once have I read, from non shooters and anti-gunners, derision at the fact that gun shows are sticklers about not allowing loaded guns. They see that as obvious proof that gun owners are all negligent morons who cannot be trusted with their own safety, much less the safety of others. 404 more words


Charges unlikely in gun show shooting

CEDAR PARK, Texas (KXAN) – This weekend’s shooting that left a man dead outside of a gun show in Cedar Park likely won’t result in charges, Cedar Park Police told KXAN. 101 more words


Police Plan To Charge Vendor Over Shooting At Gun Show

ORANGEVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Police in Pennsylvania are recommending criminal charges against a gun show vendor who accidentally shot a woman while demonstrating a concealed carry wallet holster. 177 more words