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What's The Real Connection Between Violence And Guns? I'm Not Sure.

One of the axioms of the gun control movement, if not the foundation on which the entire movement rests, is the idea that we have a much higher rate of gun violence than other countries because we have a much greater number of privately-owned guns.  630 more words


Gang Members Held Without Bond In Shooting Death Of 9-Year-Old

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has said that a gang member, recently released from prison, shot and killed a young boy because he thought he was playing the role of ‘lookout’. 747 more words

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Call to Action: Tell Your Senators - Protect Victims of Domestic Abuse from Gun Violence! #1is2Many

(source: YWCA USA)

46 women are shot to death every month by a current or former partner in domestic violence-related homicides.

In fact, intimate partner homicides account for nearly half of all women killed each year in the U.S., and more than half of these deaths are due to firearm use. 47 more words


What the heck is I-594 and I-591?

This November, Washington State has an opportunity to speak out about how we handle guns. There are two initiatives on the ballot dealing with gun sales and gun safety – here at the Political Junkie we will be taking a close look at both initiatives over the next week or so. 406 more words

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An Example of Connotation, Denotation, and Linguistic Messages

What do you think about when you see the following picture?

In essence, that question is the very answer to what exactly connotation, denotation, and linguistic messages regard.   393 more words


Washington State Measure On The Ballot To Close Gun Background Check Loopholes

The I-594 ballot initiative in Washington state is aimed at closing background check loopholes.  Sources claim that forty percent of gun sales avoid background checks because they’re sold at gun shows, over the Internet, or in private.   233 more words

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'Obama's Blaster' Gun Attachment

A California gun company named Ares Armor is selling a rifle attachment named “Obama’s Blaster,” supposedly to mock the president’s support for stricter gun control laws. 76 more words

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