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Guns, Mental Health, and the New Norm

Today I happened to be on a college campus when an incident occurred that resulted in a campus ‘lock-down’.

I’ll say first off that it turned out to be a… 417 more words

Current Events

GBI, GSP to be brought in to aid fight against crime

Savannah, Ga (WJCL) — WJCL caught up with Chief Joseph Lumpkin outside the county commissioner’s meeting  Friday morning and asked him for specifics on his plan to bring more agencies to fight crime. 286 more words

Local News

Why the Gun Industry Will Never Win Over American Women

November 17, 2014 by Kitty Lindsay

Gun manufacturers are waging a full-on marketing assault in a desperate attempt to pump new life into an industry in a four decades-long… 872 more words


Philadelphia Ceasefire Winnebago - "Stop. Shooting. People"

By Kenneth Lipp

Philadelphia Ceasefire, a violence intervention model that approaches the issue of gun violence as a public health issue (an effort started in Chicago as Ceasefire Chicago which has replicated into a network of sites now called Cure Violence), has obtained a 33ft Winnebago,  79 more words


Do Public Policies Reduce Gun Violence? Not If The Guns Are Still Around.

The just-concluded meeting of the American Public Health Association in New Orleans featured a panel chaired by Ted Alcorn, a researcher at Everytown and an important voice in the search for answers to reducing gun violence.  677 more words


Florida State University Alumnus Shoots 3 Students Before He Is Killed By Police

Florida State University alumnus and attorney Myron May went on a rampage and shot and wounded 3 students in the school’s library after midnight. 1 student is in critical condition, 1 student is in good condition and the last student was saved by his back pack. 235 more words


It's Different When It Happens On Your Street

It is but on a rare occasion that I will not make a joke about a tragedy. It is one of my flaws, I suppose. I say something woefully inappropriate at just the wrong time and to just the right number of people. 801 more words