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OK, I just couldn’t ignore this. Two topics in one, it’s like somebody wants to bait me…

I did mention #GamerGate before, and commented that it is mostly about people pretending to be worried about the ethics of gaming journalism, a concern that is displayed through online harassment of women. 622 more words


Quote of the "Scout Rifle"

“[...]I had a conversation in which I joked that the ideal real-world general purpose rifle was a Glock 19 – that is, after all, all the modern man is ever likely to need to survive in the concrete jungles of the American coastal megalopoleis, and heartland waystation-towns alike.

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I didn't buy any

Cabela’s had one tiny box of .22 Short blanks, and two small boxes of .22 Long shot shells.  Still more rimfire than I’ve seen in a year.


Assembling a 300 Blackout AR15 Pistol from Scratch

Here’s a really long video of me assembling a 300 Blackout AR-15 Pistol from scratch.

Here’s the full parts list:
– STI Upper+Lower
– KAK 8″ 300 BLK Barrel… 46 more words


I Don't Want your Guns

Target and Chipotle recently asked people to not openly carry guns in their stores, which I support.  These announcements were met with a  flurry of people wailing about how their rights were being stepped on, and people carrying their rifles grocery shopping.  1,099 more words

Raising Children

Cleaning a 2011 Open Division Competition Pistol

Here’s the next video I promised that shows you how I clean my custom JPL Precision Open Gun that I use for USPSA. There are many ways to clean a gun, but this one is mine. :)


Traveling with Firearms in California

Traveling with Firearms in California


California Penal Code section 25610 does not prevent a citizen of the United States over 18 years of age who is not lawfully prohibited from firearm possession, and who resides or is temporarily in California, from transporting by motor vehicle any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person provided the firearm is unloaded and stored in a locked container. 212 more words