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2 AM Callers 091714 - With A Bullet

Rich and Chris set it off.

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1:50 length, discussing guns, ammo, the 2nd Amendment, common fallacies about weapons, the flaws in gun control laws,  3D printing firearms, not thinking ahead, a handful of pro-gun idiots, bullets as status symbols, personal discipline, and the difference between open and concealed carry. 53 more words

Politically Incorrect

Murder with a pure heart - fighting ISL

Today is the 11th of September, the thirteenth anniversary of  the terrorist attacks of  9/11. Flight 93 crashed into a field quite near here, in Shanksville, Pa. 249 more words


Because Stickers are Better than Bookmarks

I upgraded my Reading Rainbow kickstarter to 10 bucks from 5, so I could get some stickers. To upgrade my Camouflage, of course.


U.S. Arming Freedom Fighters with Guns that Fire Backward After 5 Years -- In Case They Turn Against Us!

By C. Michael Forsyth

WASHINGTON — Next time a group that America has armed turns against us, their efforts will backfire — literally. That’s because the Department of Defense has quietly equipped them with guns rigged to fire backward after five years! 312 more words

News Satire

Just realized my sights were off!!

During my Chrono session, I discovered that my sights were off by 3″ to the left and 4″ high!! That explains a lot now. I realized something was a miss during the all steel stage at the recent Northwest Challenge when I took 10 shots to bring the steel plate down. 80 more words


Who Made the Situation in Ferguson? We All Did.

There are two vital elements feeding the situation in Ferguson.  And we (all Americans) have fed it (over the last three decades in particular).  

First, the police in Ferguson, MO are taking a great deal of heat these days.   629 more words

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