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So I just read a FB post about the UN trying for a gun control treaty and the pres has signed it. Of course there were replies from people arguing he’s they are attacking the 2nd amendment. 155 more words


SO SAD: Child Fatally Shoots 5-Year-Old Friend In Accident (DETAILS)

A 5-year-old child fatally shot another 5-year-old in an Idaho home on Wednesday.

Investigators, however, have not released details about how the small child gained access to the firearm. 120 more words


Friday Night Steel July 25, 2014

Match Date: July 25, 2014

Match Summary:

So this week it was nice and cool and NO RAIN! That was so nice! YAY! The stages were actually pretty easy this week and it went pretty quick. 200 more words


Concealed Carry

Just got my concealed carry permit. Why would I feel the need to carry concealed? There are several reasons.

1) I believe people have a right to defend themselves. 173 more words

How to identify if an armed person is a threat

Oh boy, this is going to be fun. Apparently there are people in this country who aren’t very clear on what an actual threat to their safety is in regards to guns. 1,532 more words


Night 2/Day 2: Thai(ger)land

The second night continued in the same vein as the night before, though overall was a lot less intense (in most ways, more intense in some) and didn’t quite last as long. 688 more words