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Action plate added to Model 25

As far as I can tell, this problem wasn’t a error in my build, its a flaw in the original action design… With not enough cartridges in the magazine to have positive spring pressure on them, there is no pressure on the cartridge stop, and it swings free.. 276 more words

Model 25, 25-20 Part... what are we up to, 9 total?

Blued and 99% finished!

Just need to mount a simple but plate(need to scrounge some brass plate wide enough for it first), and some sling swivels, and she’s done! 512 more words


Scope mount for the 25-20?

Was fooling around a couple weeks ago with parts I have here, and realized that the scope rail off of my Browning SA-22 will fit on the Model 25. 80 more words


Revolving Carbine Pt3 (purpose for locking hinge)

So, that hinge came about for this rifle…

I fit the forestock(roughly…) to the barrel, and around the ejector housing. I wanted it fit back against the frame and around the housing, instead of out past the housing leaving a big gap… … 453 more words


Little something different... .22 Mag Carbine Pt1

So, I’m almost done with the first Rem. 25 rifle, its down to finishing the finishing on the stock and metal… A couple more coats of oil for the stock, and the blueing. 1,193 more words


Remington 25 Misc. fitting Pt`2.

Small 25-20 rifle update… Front sight installed!

When I ordered this thing I had no idea what it came off of, and I also more importantly had no idea of the radius of the contour on the bottom… IE, what dia barrel it would fit, or if it fit a tapered barrel or a straight contour.. 298 more words


Working on the M25 stock pt2

After the hand sanding;

After two coats of true oil, and buffing out with some textured leather(didn’t have any steel wool);

It actually looks better, and more even in person… the cameral flash is playing tricks with the finish. 186 more words