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A duck walked up to a lemonade stand...

and he said to the man, running the stand ‘hey, have you got any grapes?’

Not sure if it was inspired by this or too many episodes of The Simpsons, but Mr 9 wanted to start a lemonade stand.   323 more words

School Holiday Entertainment

Shout-out to Sisters in Crime

My development as a writer owes much to many people. But when I joined Sisters in Crime and its “Guppy” chapter (for “the Great UnPublished”) in 2007 or thereabouts, I found myself inundated with a wonderful flood of sympathetic fellow writers and a wealth of online resources ranging from moral support to classes, critique groups, and many other opportunities, all to be found on the Guppy and SinC listervs. 546 more words


Emotion [ih-moh-shun]: a natural instinctive state of mind

Emotion is something our culture prefers to downplay and further emphasize a more stoic nature. It was widely believed that emotions stem from irrationality and should therefore go ignored; we should instead focus on our thoughts and intelligence. 1,373 more words

Online Networking for the Social Media Perplexed

Between Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, FourSquare and GooglePlus when is a writer supposed to, well, write?

Whether you’re a Twitter quitter or a reformed Facebook addict (Candy Crush anyone?), there is a way to approach social networking to get the most out of it in the least amount of time. 409 more words