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White Knights and Guppies

Is overradicalized feminism a thing? One of the editors of prison planet has a compelling argument that there is a “sexodus” movement, with the men involved opting out of relationships alltogether, giving up out of fear of being considered part of the patriarchal rape culture. 429 more words

Homeless Stuff

I Was a Bouchercon Newbie

Bouchercon was fabulous. The whole time, I kept thinking: I cannot wait to write about this. Yet now that the time has come, I’m finding it difficult to articulate just how incredible it was to meet writers whose work you… 975 more words



Hello fellow guppy enthusiast!

This site is simply a place where I would like to document my breeding hobby. Hopefully I can share some knowledge with you readers and likewise, hope you readers can give comments and share with me more information into the world of guppies!


Spec V initial planting

Partially planted, still in flux with ramshorn(?) snail and quarantined guppy

Float On (TRINH)

Last week Guppies Group Inc. have been found swimming (Ha! What a knee slapper!) in piles of research for their design proposal. (Don’t know what that is? 719 more words

Ann Richards School