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Fisher-Price Bubble Guppies Check-Up Center

What time is it? It’s check-up time! The Bubble Guppies can roll on into this check-up center when they need to feel better! This cheerful center features a check-in desk that plays a fun song and an X-ray machine that pops up when you press the lobster doctor! 89 more words

3 Common Diseases and Ailments Every Fish Keeper Should Know About (with Pictures)


When you don’t know much about diseases and you see white spots appearing on your fish, you may think it’s end-game. Lucky for us, there are many inexpensive medicines made just for fish these days, and if you can catch the symptoms early on, most can be gotten rid of in a few days or less. 528 more words


10 Reasons Why Guppies Should Be the First Fish You Breed

Guppies are literally the most easy fish to breed for multiple reasons:

1) They don’t require any special conditions (though if you want healthy fish there are some things I would suggest, more on that later.) 387 more words