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Deema Bubble Guppies Mascot Costume

Deema Bubble Guppies Mascot Costume

Deema Bubble Guppies Mascot Costume. If you looking for Deema Bubble Guppies Mascot Costume. For more details of Deema Bubble Guppies Mascot Costume, please follow the link below. 117 more words

Online Networking for the Social Media Perplexed

Between Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, FourSquare and GooglePlus when is a writer supposed to, well, write?

Whether you’re a Twitter quitter or a reformed Facebook addict (Candy Crush anyone?), there is a way to approach social networking to get the most out of it in the least amount of time. 409 more words


Fishies and my Guilty Conscience

(Warning: this may be a bit of a sadder and more technical post than what I normally write. I am being very honest in my experiences so that anyone who reads this may not make the same mistakes with their animals.) 1,315 more words

Guppy Tanks

Our foray into fish keeping began with guppies. Our children each bought small tanks for their rooms, and picked out a male and some healthy-looking females, and away we went. 165 more words