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The energy within you!

The snake stands for the power of kundalini, which is described as a coiled serpent lying dormant in the muladhara chakra of all human beings and ascends upwards when one starts on the sadhana. 162 more words


Beaware of the state when you are semi consious or half awaked

supta is the state when you are semi consious or half awake. You can hear voices but they seem distant. you want to move but you cannot. 158 more words


The eternal forces that permeates all life in the universe

bhasmangadaraya ! vibhooti or bhasma has several symbolic meanings:

when we cover our body with vibhooti it creates an envelope to remind us of the external forces the worldly desires that wrap the self in maya, meaning worldly illusion and distractions . 133 more words


Science Analogy part 2:


Curve on the Highway:


Driving a curving mountain road, we feel that Fictitious “Centrifugal” Force when the car rounds a poorly banked sharp curve on the road. 1,737 more words


The third eye -site of intution

As per the thriumantiram tantra by thirumular who lived around 6000 BC, Bindu is the drop or point in which the energy is collected, and is known as the mass formed by the union of Siva and Sakti‟ 58 more words


AWAKE -The Life of Yogananda

I’m not really one to anticipate film releases but there are some exceptions. I was counting the moments until Michael Douglass reveled himself as Liberace in Behind the Candelabra and I was not disappointed. 15 more words

cannabinoids! the way to imortality

cannabinoids can shrink tumours such as those in breast cancer. marijuana is non toxic for your body just like vitamin D that your body makes. Vitamin D made from sun energy protects your genes from damage due to toxins in your body. 48 more words