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My Comment to The Indifferent Ashtangi by Jason Stein

I shared the link to Jason Stein’s well-written blog post, The Indifferent Ashtangi. I thought I would also share the comment I left.

I am so glad to see Jason’s insights being shared with the greater Ashtanga community. 310 more words

Paul Gold

Moon Days: Debunked

I am a devoted yogi- and I love science.  It is very satisfying to read about neuroscience confirming yoga’s effects on the nervous system, evidence based scientific proof of the benefits of yoga for depression, anxiety, chronic stress.   407 more words

Guruji, part II

oh how i would have loved to meet this man…such a shame.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Happiness Personified..!!

Look at the smiles on people’s faces. 100%..!! Unbounded, infinite joy, with a tinge of innocence. Just like that of a small child.

Just like most other people, they also have jobs, families, and a life which seems so complicated and makes one lose that innocence and joy which was there as a kid. 192 more words

Art Of Living

Is it over?

Game seems to be over for Captain and the Guru ji. With SC tightening the noose around all the names which cropped up during last IPL, it’s time to worry for everyone. 10 more words