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Neptune - Gustav Holst

“Neptune” was one of the first pieces of orchestral music to have a fade-out ending, although several composers (including Joseph Haydn in the finale of his Farewell Symphony) had achieved a similar effect by different means. 63 more words


Symphonic Spoilers

This Saturday, for the first time in… I don’t know, years… my husband and I are going to the symphony.

And in preparation, I spent some time earlier this week listening to Holst’s… 680 more words


Gustav Holst On Art

Gustav Holst said, “‘Aristocracy in art’—art is not for all but only for the chosen few—but the only way to find those few is to bring art to everyone—then the artists have a sort of masonic signal by which they recognise each other in the crowd.” 302 more words

The Planets -- Gustav Holst

Ready to cavort with the gods? Hold on to your hats!  (It’s Gustav Holst’s birthday today.)


September 21 in history

455 – Emperor Avitus entered Rome with a Gallic army and consolidated his power.

1217 Livonian Crusade: The Estonian tribal leader Lembitu and Livonian leader Kaupo were killed in… 599 more words


A night at the proms?

With the wonderful prom season in full flow I thought I’d join in tonight. I’ve been to a few outdoor Last Night of the Proms in my time and I’ve heard this piece by one of my favourite composers Gustav Holst, played a few times at those concerts. 166 more words

Blogging World

A Musical Interlude

Here are some pieces of music I enjoy that I thought I’d post here. Music is a huge part of my life after all. If I get enough likes on this, maybe I’ll make this a regular thing. 188 more words