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One Deer (Haiga)


one deer   
glides in a watercolor fog –   
woodland spirit   


Thirty Days of Haiga: Fog

Original Art: Gustave Courbet:  Deer Taking Shelter in Winter, 1866. Wikipaintings.


The Blues

Sleepy, dreamily
of dream fazed,
of thoughts I fear,
fears I’m counting.

Silence sways
in a glass of wine,
trace of a gloomy sky
lurks through the window. 74 more words


The Abyss Gazes also into You

Avec ce masque riant que vous me connaissez, je cache à l’intérieur le chagrin, l’amertume, et une tristesse qui s’attache au cœur comme un vampire. — Gustave Courbet 6 more words


Around the next foothill...

Mont aux Sources. Not the usual view of the famed Amphitheatre, but a view taken from deep down in the Thukela Gorge. On the map, an 8 to 10k roundabout walk from Tendele bungalows. 383 more words

Black and White Yearbook (Senryu)

black and white yearbook –     
sad eyes, twenty years sadder     
guilt, twenty years stronger     


sad eyes in a neighboring town –     
might as well be the moon      68 more words

Not One Voice (Haiku)

not one voice /
after the winter storm – /
all the gulls, gone //

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Family: Empty Beach. 15 more words