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Friendly Viruses Discovered in the Stomach’s Ever-growing Ecosystem

Sterile, bacteria-free mice with damaged guts can have their insides healed by a common rodent virus, providing the first evidence of internal, beneficial, virus communities. 425 more words


Viruses May Be Beneficial

There is some thinking that viruses educate the immune system and can be beneficial.  Here is some early research on viruses and impact on the gastrointestinal microbiome and their support of beneficial gut bacteria. 22 more words

Nutrition And Food

Are Gut Bacteria Controlling Your Mind? Yes.

by Anna Flores

The microbiota of the human gut serve multiple, necessary functions in the human body. A well-balanced and diverse community of gut microbes is at times, the very key to wellness. 1,045 more words


Your Invisible Friends - The Gut Bacteria.

You are not what you eat, you are your bacteria!
As we learned in the “Gut Bacteria…“, there are many times more bacteria living in and on you than there are cells in your body. 926 more words


Factors that Affect Weight Loss

It’s probably apparent to most people that if you eat too much, and indulge in all the wrong foods this will prevent you from losing weight. 592 more words


It’s not just ‘what’ we eat! ‘When’ we eat can have drastic effects on our health.

Within our digestive systems there are trillions of bacteria, which is approximately ten times more then the number of cells that make up our bodies! Recently, many studies have shown that these bacteria have very diverse and important roles including development and function of our immune systems, food digestion, metabolism, and even behaviour. 608 more words