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MS, Auto immune disease and gut health research

I know I keep going on about guts, healthy, leaky, gut bacteria, diet, etc etc, but I just keep bumping into research that seems to show just how important it is in auto-immune disease. 129 more words

MS Diet

Brain/Gut/Symbiont function seen as Rock-Paper-Scissors. Or, why you crave french fries and can't lose weight!

Rock-Paper-Scissors is an ancient Chinese game, often used in modern society instead of flipping a coin. The concept is that each player, on que, puts his hand out flat (paper) or in a Vulcan-like “V” (scissors), or a fist (rock). 1,061 more words

Lets talk about Gut Flora

Our bodies are home to more bacteria than we have cells, and probably a few fungi as well.  Some bacteria are good for us and some not, and some that are good can become too dominant, it’s all about balancing the mix. 674 more words

Gut Health

August 31, 2014: Try a natural anti-depressant

Back on March 30th (Day 87) I tried yogurt for the first time. I tried it because I had read that probiotics were helpful in treating depression and anxiety.   289 more words

A New Stage ...

No, it is not a Vegemite stage.  I was merely trying to brighten a photo of a loaf of bread and thought the yellow of the Vegemite jar would do the trick.  652 more words


Gut bacteria that prevents food allergies

Washington (AFP) – Mice that were raised in a sterile environment or given antibiotics early in life lacked a common gut bacteria that appears to prevent food allergies, US researchers said Monday. 319 more words


Gut bacteria that protect against food allergies identified

Food allergies are a major problem, and it’s one that’s growing fast. For an estimated 15 million Americans, exposure to common foods such as peanuts and milk can cause a negative, sometimes deadly immune response.  873 more words

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