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Blastocystis Hominis, You've Been Caught

So remember those digestive issues I’ve been experiencing for the last several weeks that mysteriously popped up & that I’ve been in the process of fixing using a very specific combined SCD/paleo approach? 1,325 more words


Biohacking your gut

All diseases start in the gut.


Are you what you eat? Or are you what your bacteria eat? I plan on researching this topic first-hand by hacking my own microbiome. 113 more words


Thoughts on Creation

Reflection on Chet Raymo, “Borne on a sea of vital dust,”
The Boston Globe, June 9, 1997:

You — Creator of the cosmic imperative…

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Armageddon or the end of civilization has been preached in one form or another through the ages. Of all the possibilities here is one more to add to the list which is a very probable scary scenario. 197 more words

Common Sense

A Good Guide to Breathing Exercises to Help your Gut Bacteria

In The Symbiont Factor (http://amzn.to/1jz3kPt), I explain that one of the most important variables that we can influence to improve our gut bacteria is autonomic tone. 189 more words

Are the Bacteria in Our Intestines Involved in Mechanisms Underlying Health and Lifespan?

Our story begins with Michael Rose, who used an experimental evolution approach to breed flies that live more than 2-fold longer than controls (Rose 1999). In contrast with the one gene at a time knockout or overexpression strategy that is ubiquitous in modern biology, Rose separated initially genetically homogeneous flies into two groups-one with delayed and the other with normal reproduction. 1,638 more words


Craving sugar and carbs? gut bacterial imbalances

Our bodies are covered by bacteria inside and out.  We can’t see them, which is good news, but, just like our emotions they can get out of balance. 765 more words