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Diet and bacteria

Gut bacteria mirror your diet, but why does it even matter?

A recent study has shown that when mice with colons containing no bacteria are infected with gut bacteria from lean or obese twins, their body composition changes. 284 more words

Probiotics, Health and Disease

Companies often boast the probiotic benefits of their products, but do they actually work? And more importantly, do they even contain what they claim?

Probiotics are live organisms (e.g. 316 more words

The success of a low carb diet depends on your genes, ahem, bacteria.

An article recently published in New Scientist revealed that the effectiveness of a low-carb diet is dependent on the type of starch degrading genes we posses. 455 more words

First, Stop Eating Junk, THEN You Can Eat Chocolate

Whenever food scientists announce some food we just love is healthy, we all do a happy dance, but now we get more information.

In order to receive the antioxidant benefits of what chocolate can do for you, you MUST have healthy gut bacteria first. 164 more words


Prebiotics and Probiotics for Intestinal Health


Eating prebiotic foods can provide the nutrients that healthy types of bacteria in your digestive tract need to thrive and grow. They may help improve your immune function and lower your risk for diarrhea and cancer, according to an article published in 2008 in the journal, “Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology.” Prebiotic foods contain certain types of fiber, including inulin, oligofructose and trans-galactooligosaccharides. 1,079 more words

Healthy Living

Ok, so it may fit your macros, but does your diet fit your microflora? The real non bro-science behind eating well for competition prep… 602 more words

Parallels between the soil environment and that of the human gut

The diversity of environments which I study bacterial and fungal communities in confuses a lot of people, so I thought I would take some time to write a bit of a philosophical treatise on how two very different environments, soil and the human gut, have some parallels. 578 more words