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Researchers uncover new knowledge about our intestines

(Technical University of Denmark 6 July 2014) DTU researchers have identified and mapped 500 previously unknown microorganisms and more than 800 bacterial viruses in our intestinal flora. 30 more words


Livestock Gut Microbes Contributing to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Researchers deployed high throughput DNA sequencing and specialized analysis techniques to explore the contents of the rumens of sheep to see what role ruminant “microbiomes” (the microbes living in the rumen) play in the greenhouse gas emissions. 18 more words


Neat Science Thursday - Veggies are awesome!

Thursday is the perfect time to reflect on how science adds awesome to my day.

As a big fan of microbes and fermented foods, I’m thrilled that our gut microbes are finally getting the attention and coverage that they deserve. 415 more words