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I need furniture, give yours to me and be infinitely rewarded in the afterworld

Sex sells, but what kind of sex?

This company decided to find out what kind of sex sells best. 215 more words

Forensic Science Update: Microbes May Help Link A Predator To A Sexual Assault In The Absence Of DNA Evidence

Medical Daily | December 15, 2014 | Susan Scutti

DNA profiling has become increasingly popular since this type of genetic evidence first helped convict a criminal over 25 years ago. 100 more words


Gut Microbes Make Dark Chocolate Healthy

A considerable number of studies are in agreement that dark chocolate has pronounced health benefits1—provided you eat it in moderation (one to two ounces is recommended by some researchers…

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Our Hidden Weapons to Fight Obesity

The healthy apple or the yummy cheeseburger & fries?

The healthy apple or the yummy cheeseburger & fries? Well, it’s a tough decision and has consequences … not only because of the amount of fat we get, but also because of the effects on our gut microbes.

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Gut microbes changed rapidly as humans evolved › News in Science.

As humans diverged from apes our gut flora evolved rapidly to become more specialised for meat-based diets, a new study finds.

The report, published today in… 512 more words